LCK Summer: LZ vs SKT Highlights - EU/NA Predictions

LCK Summer: LZ vs SKT
20 Highlights from LCK1. Edited By Angel "Txileno" Olórtegui.
[LCK Summer] Longzhu Gaming vs SK Telecom T1 After losing two matches (2 - 0 both) SKT doesn't wanna keep losing!. Check out the Highlights of this match of the LCK Summer Split clicking the image: Also It will start another day of the EU LCS in aprox one hour!, what are your thoughts about today match ups? Giants vs FC Schalke 04 - (Schalke) ROCCAT vs Fnatic - (Fnatic) Team Vitality vs G2 Esports (G2) H2K vs Unicorn of Love (H2K) Splice vs Origen (OG) And later it will be in the NA LCS: CLG vs Inmortals (Inmortals) Liquid vs Apex (Apex)

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