Rift Rivals (My shower thoughts)

Was thinking while (...), after watching Rift Rivals, and came to a conclusion: this is entertaining AF, but while we fight whether EU>NA or NA>EU, our level is so far below LCK that we always wonder which Korean team will be able to beat SKT in the final in Worlds? (I have a theory on fixing that, but that would make this post too long) Here is my suggestion: Make the EU vs NA Rift Rivals a 2-3 week event with more teams from EU and NA, almost like a mini-worlds with brackets, seeds and all those stuff, even make it part of LCS which affects their Region standings (giving them more to play for), like when they get to the knock-out stages it no longer affects LCS, it is then to play for the winner of the Tournament. Post thoughts: - If it affects LCS standings, all teams from both regions should probably participate, giving some international exposure to weaker teams. - Riot Games haven't really given a update on the amount of concurrent League players since 2014. - When is "Posted on 10-15-12"? (see link: https://www.riotgames.com/articles/20121015/138/league-legends-growth-spells-bad-news-teemo) - When I just pasted the link I got my answer. - Wtf? yyyy/mm/dd rule in the link, but that thing up there in the actual page? - Ok I'm done, focus on the suggestion in the main body.

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