Pls help me with this song!

Unicorns of Love vs Giants | Week 1 Day 1 of S8 EU LCS Spring 2018 | UOL vs GIA W1D1 G2
GIA vs UOL eu lcs Spring 2018 Week 1 Day 1 - Giants vs Unicorns of Love lol eSports W1D1 EU LCS Spring 2018. LoL eSports S8 EU LCS Spring 2018 - Unicorns of Love vs Giants | League of Legends EU LCS 2018 UOL vs GIA VOD 1080p Full HD.
When the unicornis of love played aganist giants in 2018 spring split, this music was the pick&ban song during the champion select. Please, can everybody help me, what is the title of this song? I would like to know it so badly :( Thanks for reading and the answers, have a nice day!

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