Why NA teams losses when they borrow players?

So lately I been thinking "Why does every time NA do worse of themselves when they borrow players?". When I look at us in EU when we borrow Korean players or Chinese players, we usually makes the best out of those borrowed players and stomp together with them, with our own players (Soaz, Rekkles, Jankos) not lagging far behind at all. Just look at Froggen and Huni in NA right now, they ain't barely perfoming at their top level. It's like they lost most of themselves and restarted from the basics. NA have without doubt they highest amount of borrowed players out of any nation, just to achieve their number one spot in World, but them taking care of those players are almost pathetic. Just look at TSM, they are kicking out players just cause they players they borrowed didn't do what they were told to and losses up on such amazing S tier pro players just cause they have a style that simply doesn't work with NA teams. In my opinion the reason why NA is so behind every other nation is cause they rely on calculations and smart players rather than outplays. In EU and Korea all top laners try to 1vs1 each other, the bot laners are pretty much the same and they just try to show off who's the god darn best player of the Region, while in NA players ain't allowed to show off, they ain't allowed to show their amazing skills and just has to follow the lead of leaders. Honestly whenever I watched EU then move on to see the NA matches, it's like I went from a Car race to a Snail race. Like c'mon NA why are you so mean to your players. The only thing NA has going for them is that their money count is 3x as large as EU and Korea. That's it, that's why they borrow players all the time instead of getting Rockies who can out perform anyone. This is also why Bergsen (Orginally EU player) stays in TSM. It's cause his earnings are way beyond anyone in EU.
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