Play-In School: Upcoming UK uni events! As the semester heats up with coursework deadlines looming and exam prep stepping up… you deserve a break. The UK university scene is ever-growing, and four premier community-organised uni events are just around the corner. Take a day off from pretending to study and come join the festivities in person at these live venues: --- #KING OF THE CAPITAL 2016 **February 20th - 21st 2016** *Queen Mary Students’ Union, London* [Day 1 Facebook event]( // [Day 2 Facebook event]( Queen Mary University of London will determine the King of the Capital later this month. League’s on top billing - a shiny custom trophy and computer gear is on the (meridian) line. If you’re a QMUL student or local to the area, come on down and check out London’s finest. Pip pip, tally ho, my old man’s a dunkmaster. --- #KING OF THE NORTH 2016 **March 2nd 2016** *Manchester Academy, Manchester* [Website]( Hosted in Manchester, KOTN is the UK’s largest uni esports tournament. Now the hype train is rolling into the station for the third year, this one promises to be the biggest event so far. You don’t need to be a uni student to attend, it’s open to all! There will be giveaways and other activities all day, and the grand finals of the League tournament will showcase the best of the region. --- #OXFORD VS CAMBRIDGE VARSITY ESPORTS 2016 **March 6th 2016** *St Catherine’s College, Oxford* [Facebook event]( Boat race? More like bore race. The Oxford/Cambridge rivalry goes far beyond the bounds of University Challenge and will culminate on the Rift in March. This is also the third year of Varsity, where the two historic institutions are currently tied 1-1 in the League tournament - there’s a lot on the line for inter-uni dominance. --- #NUEL LIVE 2016 **March 12th 2016** *ESL UK Studio, Leicester* [Facebook event]( The finals of the GAME National Championship finish live at ESL UK's studio in Leicester, as the second year of NUEL Live promises to showcase the best talent from across the country. This would be a great opportunity to start your journey into the uni esports scene. The **[National University Esports League](** runs consistently throughout the year, so if you want to scratch that tournament itch, represent your uni and be in with a chance of winning big prizes, make sure to get the #squad together and become the very best like no-one ever was. --- All of these events are run by the community, and have League swag up for grabs, so get down there! Are you running a uni event in the UK? Post it in the comments. Draggles out.

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