Free Skin Links - Scamming and Phishing Hi Everyone, With every new event Riot host (Pool Party, Bilgewater, etc.), we're seeing an influx of fake links that look pretty legit - and people are sharing them around. These links are **fake**, and will attempt to steal your credentials. By sending this link to your friends (and posting them here!) you're helping the scammers, and setting yourself up for trouble. > **How do you know they're fake?** What's the domain? No? Well then, we're probably looking at a fake. Here's the official list of domains used by Riot Games: > … … … … … … … … If the website you're looking at does not end in one of those domains, then high tail it out of there. > **This website is - that's okay, right?** NO. If it does not **end** in the URL's above, then it's a fake. If it's at the start, in the middle, wherever else - it's a fake. > **I've entered my password on one of these sites - HELP!** Change your password immediately. If you've already lost access to your account, please [[submit a request]]( to recover your account. > **I already sent these links to my friends, what do I do?** Warn your friends immediately that it is a fake. > **I don't understand - what kind of promotions are you talking about?** So far we've seen fake sites showing up for "Pool Party Skins" and "Bilgewater event skins" etc. - this is a trend that will probably continue. The most recent one is for Harrowing. > **People have posted this on the boards, what do I do?** Please use the **Report** button at the bottom right of a post to send it for moderation and it will be removed. Thank you for your help! :-)
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