Snowdown Contest Entry: A Christmas miracle

It was another snowless Winter in the deserts of Shurima. Somewhere in this huge desert there is Pyramid and home a lonely mummy. This mummy is a young boy called Amumu. Today is the day before Christmas every year he eats alone, he spends the holidays alone, no one ever invites him to any party. As always Amumu had his diner alone, and after that he wore his pajamas and went to sleep crying thinking he will forever be alone. Little did he know that this year his long awaited wish would be fulfilled. When the clock reached midnight something went through the Pyramid and into Amumu's bedroom. Amumu was scared the was a drunk and overweight guy with a red shirt and long white beard. His name? Santa Gragas. Fortunately for Amumu the Santa was careless and let his leading dear Porolf a bit of his booze, and they crashed into Amumu's house. The Santa was sorry and the confused. he had never seen a living mummy before. Gragas asked Amumu:'how old are you mummy' and Amumu replied "I am very old but i was a young boy when i died. So i have no friends and Santa, you, does not know i even exist'. When Gragas heard that he got upset " What is your biggest wish?" he asked Amumu " To have some friends" he replied. When Gragas heard that he rode the slade and left Amumu's place. Amumu got sad and start crying not only Santa neglected his wish bit also he destroyed his home. So he decide to go back to sleep. After a few hours Amumu awakens feeling a bit weird. He opens his eyes and realises that he is flying on Santas slade. he asked Gragas "Where are we going?", but he did not get an answer. After a few hours amumu started hearing a weird sound getting louder and louder. " We are here " Gragas said. Amumu: "Where is here?" Gragas: " We are at your party silly" Amumu was amazed he opens the door of a big mansion and sees everyone. Dj sona was at the decks, Singed the fastest waiter was there even legends from Shurima where there like the Great Nasus. And so after a thousands of years Amumu's wish came true and for the first time in his life he was truly happy. The End

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