Finding the truth.

**_To Sarah,Scrouge and Habal_** There she stood, like a man who knew the waves of the rocky shores which neared her home, Bilgewater. Many warned her that the she would be ridden of if she did not obey the rules set by the states leader or so they call it. Bilgewater was her home, it was her place of peace when all things went down hill the woman standing there with such structure and wielding the head of the god in which all men and women feared-Illaoi was said to be her name. i come from a land far from reality, astray from the findings of mankind and the blessings of the nature. Some call my kind No man, i see it as a good thing as its easier to find my way when things go wrong. Illaoi taught me things on this journey that i never dreamt of thinking. more as such then my mind would allow me to think, she reminds me of a girl i used to know, sadly i can barely remember anything nowadays.

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