Odyssey Contest: Part 1 Morningstar vs SpaceJustice01

One day in the Morningstar: Yasuo: - Hey jinx why you are sad? Usually you are happy when it's my turn to cook. Jinx: - It's not the food, still nobody called to join us. Yasuo: - Do you really want strangers in our team? Aren't we enough we enough for you? Jinx: - Maybe you are right. I must... Malphite: -Is that ship there bad? Yasuo and Jinx: - OH NO! That one of the cosmic police's ship- SpaceJustice01 (about 10 times bigger than Morningstar). The captain of the ship said to them: - You are accused in: thefts, vandalism and escaping from compulsory labor. if we surrender, we will just arrest you and put you in jail. If you resist, you will not leave us any choice and we will kill you. You have 5 minutes to decide, they start NOW. Jinx: -Sona, have we enough fuel for hyper-jump? Sona: - Even if we have enough, they have more. Malphite: - Jinx! the phone, maybe someone who want to join. Jinx: -Really malphite, now? I will pick up the phone, but only because we need help. Ziggs (from the phone) - Hello, i'm Ziggs and I want to join you. I am very good with bombs, but i also have a lot of guns if you want. Jinx said the situation and he said he has the right thing for them and hyper-jump to them. 2 minutes remain until their death. Ziggs came with his ship. He told to jinx he has cannon on his ship which don't make big damages on ships, but destroy their shields immediately, and a bomb which do very very big damages and he know where is the weak place of SpaceJustice01. He was enough far from the ship to don't be detected. 20 seconds remain. Ziggs was almost at the right place when he was checking the last things. Then he went fast to the police's ship, used his shield-destroyer cannon and then the bomb, and to be sure everything is OK, he also used some rockets. He did it! Ziggs told them they can come in his ship to see him and his equipment. Part 2: You will die for them! While Ziggs was telling to them how he got all these guns,bombs,rockets... and Yasuo was trying to wake up jinx - she faded when she saw everything a ship crashed into Morningstar. Morningstar was gone but the other ship was OK. Yasuo was sad and happy, sad because Sona was there to repair some things and happy because the other weren't there, Actually everyone was feeling like Yasuo, but i won't edit it. Now back to the story. Jinx started to cry so Yasuo and Malphite embraced her. Ziggs said: - I know she was your friend, but you have bigger problem now. There is a somebody on this ship. I can connect with his ship to to talk with him with this microphone. Jinx grabbed it fast and started shout to the person on the ship: - IDIOT DO YOU KNOW WHAT DID YOU DO?! -Would I be happy if I did not know? But do you know who i am?(a dense and terrible voice) Probably that will be the last thing which you will understand. (Jinx): - OH REALLY THEN COME HERE AND FIGHT! -OK! (Ziggs ship is very big and he can carry about 3 other small ships) Kayn (yeah it was Kayn obviously not obviously) got in Ziggs ship with his ship. The whole crew was waiting for him to come out. Kayn popped out fast hitting jinx strongly. Ziggs went to help jinx. He took her in other room with first aid kit. Meanwhile Yasuo and Malphite were fighting with Kayn. Suddenly he became something like shadow and could pass through walls. He went in the room where were Jinx and Ziggs and he killed Jinx. Ziggs escaped and locked the door. - What we will do?- said Ziggs. - Will he die if we crash the ship on that planet? - Yasuo (Malphite): - I was on this planet- the surface is very hard and there are very strong storms.And there isn't any type of life. Even if he don't die from the crash he will die from the planet. Ziggs said: - I will change the direction of the ship, and guys even if we die it will be better than sitting on the sofa and watching TV, thank you! Kayn broke the door and saw how the ship is going to crash. Yasuo: -KAYN, YOU WILL DIE FOR THEM! Dear Rioter, please count this as 1 story! Dear players, the happy end is banal.
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