Odyssey Contest Entry: "The perfect Cupcake"

In a galaxy, not that far away, is a solar system with very special planets. One of them is made out of earth, plants, water (just like our planet), one is made out of bouncy material, others are made from different kinds of gases, for example helium or methane. But one planet is sweet. The ground is made out of hard candy, trees and bushes are cotton candy, water is lemonade, mountains are cakes and pies, houses are gingerbread. On this sweet planet lives a little creature, Lulu. Lulu isn’t alone on this planet, there are many creatures, one of them is her best friendly and loyal companion Pix. Together with Pix, Lulu learned how to use magic to help the other little creatures. One day, while practicing her magic skills, Lulu somehow made a delicious little pink cupcake. She had never tasted something like that before, even though she lives on the planet of sweets. She tried to make that cupcake again, but it failed again and again. Lulu got really frustrated, but eager to find a solution and recipe for that cupcake. She decided to travel the planet and find someone, who could teach how to make those delicious little cupcakes. Lulu met a lot of creatures, big ones like giants, little ones like dwarfs, helpful little creatures like Pix, but no one could teach her how to make sweet little cupcake. No one ever thought about making sweet stuff, why should they? They are living on the planet of sweets, there is no need in making your own sweets. Lulu didn’t know there to go anymore. She was on her way home, as little cat approached her. The cat told her about a girl, who uses muffins to catch and capture little creatures. Lulu was shocked, that someone would want to catch creatures. But the opportunity that someone could teach her the recipe for little perfect muffins was just to big. Lulu gathered her travel things, through everything in her little spaceship and made her way to the hunter planet, which the cat had described her. Then Lulu landed on the new planet, she immediately found one of those traps with those muffins the girl uses to catch creatures. Lulu carefully tried to take the muffin out of the trap, but i didn’t work without getting in danger of hurting herself. She even used magic to disable the trap, but i didn’t react to it. Together with Pix, Lulu started walking in hope of finding that girl. She had to walk very carefully to not step into a trap, they were everywhere. After a while they found a little house, a little thing made out of a brown hard material that Lulu didn’t know. In front of that little brown house was some kind of purple stuff. On closer inspection, Lulu could identify body’s from unknown creatures. Lulu was shocked. Suddenly she felt something pointy in her back and a female voice asked „Who are you? What are you doing in front of my house and on this planet?“. „I’m Lulu and this is Pix,“ Lulu pointed towards Pix, „ and we are here to find a girl with the perfect muffin recipe.“ „Why would you want to have a muffin recipe?“ the girl sounded really surprised. „You look like someone from the sweets planet. Don’t you guys have enough muffins and cakes?“ Lulu explained that had happen on her planet and why she was looking for a recipe. The girl took away the pointy thing from Lulu’s back and Lulu turned around to look into the eyes of the girl. The girl was taller than Lulu expected. „So you can use magic?“ the girl asked. „Yes, Pix and I learned it by ourselves“ Lulu answered proudly. The girl didn’t say something for while. She opened the door of her house and went inside with a wave signal she told Lulu to come inside. As Lulu entered the girl started talking. „I’m Caitlyn and I’m the last person on this doomed planet. The void creatures, like the ones dead outside, are destroying the planet and everyone on it.“ Caitlyn paused for a while and Lulu just stood where waiting. „How about a trade?“ Caitlyn went on. „I’ll teach you how to make those cupcakes and you’ll help me defeat those voidlings!“ Lulu was so happy. She would learn how to make cupcakes and she could help someone at the same time. Lulu happily agreed. Over time Lulu learned how to make the cupcakes with her magic skills without using any ingredients, she just needed something or someone. She would swing her wand and that someone would turn into a cupcake. Lulu loved doing that against creatures, who threatened her Caitlyn. Lulu and Pix decided to stay with Caitlyn as long as she needed them against the Void and other threats. Not just on the hunter planet, but on all planets Caitlyn wanted to defend against the void.
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