Snowdown Contest Entry: Snowdown Sorrow

The wind was howling through Uwendale, thick layer of snow covered the streets, houses, and trees. Dolorius was walking fast, his cheeks were burning and his eyes were watered. But not from the cold or from the wind, but from sorrow. He entered his home, where his mother and little brother waited. _"Dolor, I was worried, where have you been?"_ - His mother had a concerned look. _"I'm fine, mother, don't worry"_ -He said with trembling voice and as soon as he closed the door the tears started rolling down his cheeks. _"Did the town kids caused you some trouble again, I swear I will go to their houses and end this nonsense once and for all...."_ - The young boy sighted with tears still pouring. _"I don't care what they say or do."_ -He was used to be laughed at, he was different than the other kids, always reading and being quiet. _"Then why are you crying, dear?"_ - His mother hugged him, as she started to tear up as well. Dolorius's tears stopped as he felt anger build in him again he pushed away from his mother's hug. _"Tomorrow is Snowdown.....and I hate it... I hate the decorations... I hate the smell in air...i hate the joy in everyone's eyes..."_ -He felt he will cry again so he took a deep breath and hold it in. _"Oh, Dolor! But tomorrow you and your brother will get gifts from..."_ -A sudden shout startled his mother. _"I DONT WANT GIFTS"_ - He was clenching his hands into a fists full with anger.- _"I DONT WANT....THIS!"-He stopped for a moment and almost whispered..-"_ I just want dad to be here."- After saying this Dolor opened the door and ran as fast as he could, his mother yelled behind him but the snowstorm swallowed him. He ran until he reached the mountain, where he often went with his dad. They had a place near a big tree with a view that was breathtaking. He would always tell him stories about the people that lived beyond the frozen statue at Rakelstake. He sat under the tree and looked for the statue but the snow had joined the wind and their dance stayed in the way of the boy and the statue. He pressed his knees to his chest and his arm around them, he rested his head as his tears came out again. _"Why did you have to go...Why did you have to leave us.."_ - The thoughts of his father were clouding his mind, he stopped hearing the wind it was all quiet...- _"Demacia did this to me, they made him go to war and took him away from us... I will get my revenge on everyone"_ - He was feeling so cold,angry and sad, he began to drift off. Right before he fell asleep he felt a presence, he opened his eyes and raised his head to see something amazing. A beautiful white creature resembling a goat with a mask on its face and behind it a large black wolf who wore a mask too. _"Little one?"_ -The creature spoke softly almost melodically .- _"Why are you wondering here all by your self?"_ Dolorius jumped with joy confusing the creatures...- _"I know who you are!"_ - Dolor said with a huge smile giving the Lamb a hug. The two creatures looked surprised but let the boy continue.- _" My father told me about you, you grant wishes but I forgot your name..oh wait.. you must be the Spirit of Snowdown. You heard my wish and came to help me!"_ The Lamb looked at the Wolf and without saying anything they understood each other and what had to be done. _"Yes little one, your father was a smart man, we are a Spirit and we can grant your wishes, but you are uncertain of what you want so you must listen to both of our offers and chose your wish, as we can only grant one."_ Dolorius nodded with a smile as the wolf was the first to ask him... _"Little One."_- growled to wolf and came closer to him...- _"I can get you on my back and take you safely home were you will grow and get powerful and you will take your revenge and your wish will be true, but remember"_ -said the wolf as he sniffed at him..- _"I will be the one to meet you again."_ - The boy smiled and gave him a pat on the head, which surprised wolf as much as lamb. Then he turned his attention towards the Lamb. _"I can grant you a simpler wish, to bring back your..."_ -Dolorius' attention got diverted by something behind the Spirit of Snowdown, a distant shadow getting closer and closer waving at him...His shouting stopped Lamb's explanation. _"FATHER!!!"_ -The boy jumped and waved his hand - _"Oh Spirit of Snowdown you granted my wish, I can see father again."_ The Lamb turned around then said quietly to her self- _"We are too late."_ - The wolf clenched his teeth and looked away. Lamb turned the excited boy facing her.- _"Tell me your name little one."_ _"Oh..sorry I forgot to tell you..its Dolorius."_ -The boy said still waving and not taking eyes of his dad. The Lamb took her mask off and kissed the boys forehead. The boy felt shivers but ignored it. _"Now, go see your father once again."_ -She pushed the boy gently towards the Statue where his father waited. Dolor stopped for a second and turned to ask: _"I forgot to ask your names kind spirits."_ The wolf looked at the boy and said.- _"We have many names but you can call us Kindred."_ _"Thank you so much, Kindred!"_ -He turned and started running down the hill and towards his father. A swift sound echoed behind the boy, a white arrow flew. A fulfilled SnowDown wish! And there was no more **_sadness_**! No more**_ anger_**! No **_sorrow_**!
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