Never One Contest Entry: The "dark" adventures of Lulu and Pix

I wanted to write about how my favourite character {{champion:117}} and her trusty side-kick Pix are spending their time in the Glade. Due to the nature of their quirky personalities, I realized early on that telling the story in rhyme will probably fit the best. I feel like I managed to capture her colorful personality and I really hope you like it too![\img] From dusk until dawn, It's purple, the sky. The Glade, she was drawn By Pix who was shy. A game of perception, She wondered the woods In mind, a conception Of magical boots. By smelling the tulips And checking their hue, A smile on her lips, She just found a clue! The magical footwear, It's not what it seems. The fae dust is nowhere She knows what this means. The chase has started! No squirrel is safe!!! They all must be hunted By her whimsical gaze! Quick! Under the tree trunk! There's something afoul Aha! He's not tactful Wait, that's just a skunk... The trickster! The jester! His plan was most vile! Pix tried to deceive her, She's searched a good while Now Lulu is pouting... Yes!!! She got him with that! Her heart now starts pounding, He was right under her hat! But no! It's too late! He got all his powers! She now has to wait For twenty-four hours. Imprisoned in the towers Of the Dark Lord Pix, The days turn to hours Singing the "LuluMix"! The time has come The confrontation is near! His evil plan done! And she wants to hear. _"The colors lose taste! There's nothing new! All thoughts go to waste, And all the magic you knew!"_ They both burst in laughter. For the world they create It's just a simple matter, Shout! _"Transmogulate"_!
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