Never One Contest Entry: Purple Star

**_"Sunlight raining from the branches of the trees, dancing shadows from the moving leaves, tinny legs skipping with ease."_** - A giggle escaped the Yordles mouth - _ " Maybe I should start writing, it's been really boring in Bandle City lately"_ - She said to her self and stopped to look around at the forest admiring the nature. Other Yordles aways thought it was weird for her to wander off alone in the woods but she never felt lonely here. She continued the walk often singing, humming or sometimes laughing at her own daydreams. On one of her little brakes, something got her attention near a bush. A deep purple object was sticking out of the bush, the fascinated Yordle slowly approached, it looked magical in her eyes. _"Woooow...A Purple Star!"_ - She said with sparkling eyes and reached to grab it, but at that moment a figure jumped out. _"Eeeeek"_ - She yelled as a black figure emerged from the bush. _"You try to steal from me and then you start yelling, who are you?"_ - A Yordle was standing in front of her with deep black fur, big hazel eyes and a majestic purple hat the size of himself. _"I am Lulu"_- She answered still looking at the hat with admiration - _"And I am not a thief"_- She said snapping back from her hat trance. _"Nice to meet you, my name is Veigar"_-He smiled cheerfully -_"I like your hat too"_-Lulu blushed for a second adjusting her red swirly hat and asked.-_" What brings you here, in this part of the forest, I have never seen you around"_ _"I am trying to find a certain place, a cliff that has a huge view over Bandle City."_ _"Oh, I know where that is, but why do you need to go there"_- Asked Lulu curiously. _"Well I've heard it has the best view of the stars in our land and I would love to see it for my self"_- He tapped his purple hat with little sparkling stars on it. _"Off we go then, I will take you there just follow me"_- She was so overjoyed she had a companion for today's adventure, Veigar also looked happy for finding a guide through the forest.- _"I recommend skipping"_ - she said giggling. **** After a few hours, they reached their destination just in time for the sunset. _"Amazing, you can see everything from here."_ - The excitement was pouring out of Veigar. _"Wait till you see the night sky I am sure you will love it"_- Said, Lulu, as she sat near the ledge, and Veigar took out a little telescope from his backpack.-_"Tell me why do you like the stars so much?"_ _"Who doesn't, they are miraculous. I've heard they have magic in them!"_- He sat next to her and put his palms apart facing each other, in a second a little swirling galaxy appeared between his hands. Lulu gasped- _"You're a mage!!"_ _"Oh no, not yet anyway I'm still a beginner"_- Veigar smiled, revealing his cat-like teeth. _"You are so cool Veigar"_- said, Lulu, as she kicked her feet in delight..- _"Again, again"_ -She looked at him with wonderment. They spend a few hours on the cliff watching the stars, doing magic tricks and laughing. _"This is one of the best days in a long time"_ - Happily said Lulu-_"Would you like to do it again sometime?"_ - She blushed as she said it. _"Absolutely, I would have never found this place if it weren't for you, thank you, Lulu."_ - He reached to shake her hand, but she jumped and hugged him, it was his turn to blush. ***** After that day they met very often, always exploring the woods during the day or the stars during the night. Days and months went by, both happy to have a partner in the adventures until **that day**. Veigar was walking through the forest heading to their usual meeting place, he was wondering if they were going to visit some new area of the forest or if they will see clearly the night sky. He was getting close, he saw Lulu in the distance and a little smile appeared on his face, but something was off. Was she talking to someone, he saw no one with her. A bright purple light made a few circles around her, was she talking to it. _"Hey, Lulu!!"_- Veigar shouted and started walking faster, he could see her smiling at the creature maybe it was friendly. Lulu noticed Veigar and waved at that very moment the little purple creature picked her off the ground. Veigar panicked and started running towards them-**_"Lulu!!!"_**- his eyes widened - _"**Stay away from her**!"_ He was so close he could hear her speaking-_"**No wait, he is my friend he must come with me**!!"_ - The light was getting brighter and brighter at that point Veigar had to stop and cover his eyes - _"His name is Vei..." _ The light imploded and there was no sound, no light, no Lulu. Veigar searched whole night until he reached the cliff from their first meeting. _"I lost her..."_ - He was laying facing the clear night sky. A shooting star dashed on the sky. - _"I wish I become the strongest sorcerer in the world so I can find my friend and bring her back"_ - Tears gathered on his lashes. The next day he left Bandle City in search of great magic, not knowing he will never be able to go back home. ***** Centuries had passed, a little Yordle was standing in front of a big menacing tower. The sky was lightning up from the upcoming storm. Something on the balcony of the tower moved, a purple hat was sticking out and then a wicked laugh echoed! _"Don't be scared Pix"_ - Said the Fae Sorceress to a little creature hiding in her red hat. _"That's just a Purple Star... **No**... **That's My Purple Star!**_
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