Before Burning Tides

_Disclaimer: My story is set shortly before the events of Burning Tides, from Graves point of view. Enjoy^^_ As I walked into the bar, a bar in a little village just a few miles away from Bilgewater, the bartender greeted me in a loud voice „Hey Malcolm. The same as usually?“. I nod my head and find an empty chair at the bar. The bartender gives me the perfect ice cold beer. „How are you? You don’t look very good.“ He asks me worried. This is my to go bar after a successful heist in Bilgewater. So normally I’m loud, happy and drunk here. But not since that Fate betrayed me. I shouldn’t be thinking about that, I will get even more angry about it. „It’s hard to find a new „crew“ for my work.“ I answer the bartender. He probably knows that I’m doing for a living, but I shouldn’t be to open about it. Not after everything that happened. „I heard that happened between you and Tobias.“ The bartender says casually. Of course he knows that happened, he always knows that is going on in the world around Bilgewater. I shouldn’t be that surprised. „So which „crews“ did you try working with?“ he asks while leaning a little bit closer to me and cleaning some glasses. I hesitate for a short time, but he probably knows already so I tell him almost everything. „A long time back I stared working with the Mafia,“ I start my story. „They had some really good weapon experts that helped me fix my gun after the „accident“. One of them was a crazy girl, but really good with guns and the other one was sexy as hell. But after some time it got really annoying. It were to many people to work with and they wouldn’t let me smoke my cigar in the Mafia. Can you believe that?“ I beat my hand full of wrath about that on the counter. I empty my beer and order a new one. „So that one day,” I continue my story while taking a big sip from the beer. “I had to do a job with the crazy gun girl. As you can imagine, she didn’t stick to the perfect plan and we got caught. So I had to „Jailbreak“.It wasn´t easy, but I know some tricks to get out of jail.” I have to laugh thinking about how I got out of jail. I just stole a police uniform. “After that I left the Mafia. I started to work alone. Until a 2 man group, called the Pickpocketers, a really awful name for group by the way, came to me. A stinky rat and a… emm.. you could say a woman, at least she means she is a woman. I don’t believe that, “_She_“ was more like a “_bad creature_”. Anyway. They wanted to do a really big job and needed a third man. But they were absolutely unorganized. So I didn’t even tried to work with them, because „again jail“ didn’t sound that great.“ I take a deep breath, empty my beer and order another one. I get really sentimental when I drink beer, I forgot that. „I miss my time with Fate.“ I say quietly. The bartender nods and starts taking orders on the other side of the bar. I let my head sink on the bar, exhausted from the last few months. When I hear an old smoky voice next to me „Are you talking about Twisted Fate? That dressed up guy with some kind of cards.“ I lift my head and see an old pirate. His clothes are dirty and full of wholes, he stinks and his eyes are blurry. I nod. „I saw that guy a few times this week walking around in Bilgewater. Like he was up to something.“ Tells the old man. Suddenly my exhaustion is gone and I’m wide awake. „I know exactly what he wants to do!“ I leave some coins on the counter and run outside. He wants to take something from Gangplanks warehouse, Gangplank just got some new stuff. I have to be inside the warehouse before Fate gets in with one of his tricks. I think to myself while running towards Bilgewarter. „This time you are going to pay old Friend!!“
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