Bilgewater Fan Fiction Competition - Voting Now Closed

PLEASE NOTE THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED! You can see the results [here]( Well, you’ve certainly kept us busy here in the UK office trying to pick only five finalists for the competition shortlist! Firstly thank you to every one of you who entered - we read each and every story and were awed by your efforts. We had comedy, tragedy, sea shanties, beautiful prose, unique viewpoints and some fantastic portrayals of different League champions - both the expected and the less expected in Bilgewater! Unfortunately we had to pick just five for the shortlist, but if you are not on it please don’t be disheartened - it was a tough call. Practice your craft, keep thinking up those ideas and we look forward to seeing you again at the next competition... We are pleased to give you your finalists (in no particular order)! These were the stories we felt showed great creativity, a solid interpretation of the Bilgewater theme, and were of high quality writing. Take a look over them and make sure to vote for your favourite. Voting will close next Wednesday, 20th June at 5pm BST. * [The Black Mist, the White Wharf and the Drunken Sailor]( by Galleonidas * [Sticks and Stones]( by Yuri Avalon * [The Sea Hungers]( by Tremendify * [The Hungry Scuttles]( by jacktjong * [Gift of Life]( by Nakoruru PLEASE NOTE VOTING IS NOW CLOSED! (For clarification, in the poll the story 'The Black Mist, the White Wharf and the Drunken Sailor' has been shortened to 'The Black Mist' so it fits in)
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