Odyssey Contest Entry: "Clown Fiesta"

In the city Red Shadow, on the planet White, on the universe Early Star, Shen was at a shop who was renting spacecrafts,the “EASYFLY'', and was looking at spacecrafts. After a while he saw a suspicious woman coming. The woman was searching for something. Suddenly he watches her stealing a spacecraft. He couldn’t let this happen. It was not right to stood there and watch, so he decides to go do something about it. He used his powers and he succeed on getting in. Meanwhile, Urgot was doing some practice in his room. Then he took a bag and went outside. H was really happy but anxious too. He went to the bus stop. He waited so long and he was getting more and more anxious. The bus wasn’t coming so he start looking for a space taxi, but nothing. After a while he start walking. As he was walking he heard a big sound. He turned his head and saw a big spacecraft coming right at him. He panicked and start running. The spacecraft didn’t hit him. Urgot was down on the ground and he was shocked. After a woman came out of the spacecraft. Kaisa-Hey you, are you ok? Urgot-Yeah yeah, I am ok, I think. K-Good do you know where I can buy some fuels for the craft? U-I really don’t. K-Great. Kaisa start looking and then Shen jumped out of the spacecraft. Shen-Sorry, but you stole this. K-Who are you? Shen-I am Shen, but that’s no the point the point is who are you and why you stole this. K-What are you ? A detective or something? Mind your own business. U-Ahm…I think I find a store, it might sell fuel. K-Great thank you, you can come with me I will take you where you want. S-I didn’t finished! K-Look I will return it ok? S-No it’s not ok! K-Oh my….ok we will make a deal. If you help me I will drive you where you want too. S-But that’s not the poi…oohhh ……..ok I agree, but I only do it because I don’t trust you alone with this poor man. U-Hey I am not “poor” man, I am just a scared man because a spacecraft crushed right in front of me. (After some hours, in the spacecraft) K-So where you want to go? U-I was going in an audition. K-Ok where? U-…at the…star guardian house. K-At the what? I didn’t hear you. U-…at the star guardian house. S-At the what…? K-Ok I will take you there. S-But why? K-He said he was going for an audition. S-An audition for what..? U-It’s not your business ok? K-How about you? S-…I am going to the Night shadow. K-The Night shadow you too? Why? S-What you mean you too? K-I am going there too. S-You why? K-I asked first. S-I am going to see a man. K-And? S-And I need his help. K-I see. You going to Ryze? S-Wait how you know? K-Well I need his help too. U-I really don’t know what you are talking about. S-I heard he may can revive my father. K-You have big dreams. S-Yeah ok thank you! What about you? K-I am going because I need help for me. The void is poising me everyday. S-Poising? K-Yeah my skin, my organs, myself, me. U-I still don’t understand a thing. K-It’s ok. Guys we will have to stop because I think something is wrong. U-What you mean stop? I will miss the audition. S-And what you mean wrong? K-We will stop and we will see. They get down in a place that look like nothing. No life. No one there. No houses or streets. No animals. No plants or trees. Kaisa opens a door above the craft and search the engines. Kaisa told them that they will need like 1-2 hours to fix this. Something got it in the machine that blocks to move craft right or left. After 3 hours they heard someone coming. S-I think I am hearing something. U-I hope they found us and came to save us. K-I hope they came to take you and leave me alone. U-OH MY GOD I CANT BELIEVE IT! LOOK THERE! S-OK it’s a human you can relax. U-IT’S NOT HUMAN! IT’S EZREAL! K-If he can helps us great if not I don’t care. Ezreal-Hey guys! What are you doing here? S-Sorry we know you? K-Something blocking the engine and we are trying to fix it. (Urgot couldn’t speak or do anything.) E-I see. Can I ask you something? Where are we? S- Where are we ? You don’t know where you are? E-I am kind of lost. I was searching for a place called Night shadow but I think I am not there. S-If you not know where you going why you don’t have a map? E-Who needs a map? Kaisa+Shen- You? U-We going there too! You can come with us! K-What? S-I thought you were going to the audi.. U-Yeah come with us. We have a map too!! E-That’s great! Thank you guys!. S-But why you want to go there. E-Oh yeah, I found a book with some strange words and stuff and I want to know what it is. S-Oh yes very normal things. E-Yeah you know. After some hours and after they fixed the engine they were finally there. Urgot was all time with Ezreal asking him questions. Kaisa and Shen was looking for Ryze. Suddenly Ryze came from behind them and shout. Ryze-Who are you and why you here?! S-We came here looking for you. We need your help. R-My help? Why? S-Because only you may can help us. R-But if I help you what I will win? S-What you want? R-I need to help me bring me someone here. U-Ok that’s easy. R-I need to find Ekko and bring him here to help me. E-Ok guys let’s go! Kaisa- I am stuck with this clown fiesta. Urgot- Yeah let’s go we can do this.
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