Never One Contest Entry: A Storm Brings A Chase

{{champion:51}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:222}} Word count: 876 Pilotover, the city of progress, with street’s rumoured to be paved in gold, was drowning like a soaked rat on one of Bilgewaters less desirable ships. The storm had rolled in almost unnoticed and between flashes of lightning and the crash of thunder, it’s citizens had fled to homes and storefronts to escape the downpour. Only the unluckiest of people still remained in the streets. People laden with cloth covered inventions, hoisted up on their shoulders to be carried from one of the major merchant guilds warehouses to their store’s, or for some there were errands to run that could just not afford to be left for even a moment, especially when it related to trade at the Commercia Halls. Another flash of lightning lit the sky as a pair of boots splashed into a puddle, both people disregarding the water that showered up around the pair moving swiftly through the rain slicked streets. If anyone had cared enough to slow down in the rain and inspect the figures they would have been greeted by the sight of two of Piltover's finest wardens soaked through to the bone and looking less than pleased at the fact. “Are you sure you even saw her Cupcake? I mean what’s she doing out here in this weather?” “I saw her Vi. I don’t know what she’s- Did you hear that?” Stopping Caitlyn spun in a circle slowly, eyes narrowed as the rain continued to pound down around her, masking the smaller sounds of the street. Overheard the distant noise of thunder died down, heralding another moment of calm before lightning would strike again. “Hear what, the thunder? It’s hard to miss” “Not the thunder Vi, just listen” A few moments passed, no sound but their breathing and the rain hitting the street and the windows of the cafe’s that lined the avenue. When Vi moved to speak Caitlyn rose her hand, waving it at her to keep quiet. Then it came, a flash of lightning and then a boom, loud but distant. Followed a heartbeat later by the thunder. Frowning Caitlyn cocked her head, listening carefully and nodding in satisfaction when she heard some distant yells. It was most definitely an explosion but she couldn’t figure out the direction. “It’s gotta be her Vi, that was most definitely an explosion timed to the thunder.” “Where from though? It was to distant to even make out properly until we listened closely.” Shrugging slightly they passed a few moments in silence, waiting for the next strike of lightning. When it hit, they strained their ears, listening for the boom, not expecting it to come so closely to them that it shook the ground, sending them stumbling to the cold paving stones beneath them. Shaking her head, Caitlyn looked up and down the street, blinking it into focus as the ringing in her head died down, seeing Vi beside her doing the same thing. Down the alley a large blackened hole was where a small bakery had stood moments before, several people stumbling their way down the street, covered in soot and coughing. Vi was on her feet now, reaching down and yanking Caitlyn to her feet, giving her a once over and nodding in satisfaction at the lack of any noticeable injuries. “You alright cupcake?” “Still well enough to aim better than you can” That earned her a chuckle and a light slap on the shoulder, though it hurt more than Vi meant it to with the giant gauntlets on her fist. “That explosion was way closer than the original. Spread out and delayed charges maybe?” “Potentially, though a cafe’s a weird place to...Cupcake she’s there!” Spinning Caitlyn’s eyes widened in alarm, shoving Vi to the side and then diving the other way as a charged shot flew between the space they had just been occupying. Wincing as she fell against the side of a building, Caitlyn’s eyes went to the end of the street, where a blue haired troublemaker was stood perched on the half destroyed roof of the bakery. “Hey! Stand still! I’m trying to shoot you.” Groaning at the petulance in Jinx’s tone Caitlyn’s eyes moved to Vi, who thankfully was stood to the left of her, dancing slightly on the spot, a look of barely contained eagerness on her face. “Up for a showdown?” Grinning Vi raised her fist, the glow of charging already enveloping the large gauntlet on her left hand. Reaching for the gun at her back Caitlyn turned towards Jinx, sighing as the girl waved at them and took of down the roof of the bakery, slipping and sliding her way down to the edge before leaping across to the next roof. Pausing to turn and stick her tongue out at the two of them as they watched her disappear of into the distance, more explosions shaking the street behind them. Without a word they took of after her, Caitlyns hair flying out behind her as Vi’s laughter echoed along the street in between Jinx’s. Caitlyn couldn’t help but let a small laugh escape her lips as well as they ran, the rain no longer a bother, the occasional flash of lightning lighting their way towards their quarry. “**_The chase is on_**”
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