Odyssey Contest Entry: Marshmallow Fluff

Dear Diary, Today marks my first day as the newest member of the super-ultra-mega-cool Morningstar Crew! Well, I’d like to think that I’m the newest member, but Mr. Yasuo keeps telling me that I’m only here for a few days for a tour of their ship, and that I’ll have to be dropped back home after we’ve all finished. I don’t really pay attention to any of that, though - for me, I’m now part of the coolest crew in all of space: Malphite, Jinx (she scares me sometimes), Sona, and Yasuo! I even got my name badge today! It’s small and blue and it sits on top of my favourite fluffy orange coat, which keeps me warm no matter what adventure I go on. Did you know that it’s really cold in space? I didn’t know that! That’s so uber cool! Anyway, I wrote the name tag myself. ‘Nunu’, in shiny letters because Sona kindly lent me one of her glitter pens! I’m quite proud of it. I even managed to get Willump a badge, but I don’t think he likes it too much. It gets all sticky in his fur and I _know_ that he really wants to pull it off, but I always tell him that he can’t do that, because then how would everyone get to know his name? I guess that it wouldn’t be that hard to remember Willump. I think he’s the first ever Yeti to go to space, which is superly-duperly amazing! I wanted to get us matching astronaut suits like the cool giant, Nautilus, I heard about wears sometimes (he’s sooo tall), but Mr Yasuo told me that I didn’t need one, and that I could just come to the tour wearing my usual clothes. Oh wait! I wasn't watching the time - I gotta go. It’s currently half seven and my bedtime is at eight. I have to go help Willump brush his teeth because I think he got marshmallow fluff stuck between them! See ya! Nunu _________________ Heya Diary! It’s the end of my second day here aboard the Morningstar and I’m loving it! It’s one of the best adventures I’ve ever been on. Me and Willump never want to leave! I wanted to update you on what happened today so that you don’t feel too left out - I hope you’re ready! Today I got to have a proper tour around the ship. I saw lots and lots of really exciting rooms, but my favourite thing definitely has to be the view from the big window at the front! Me and Willump spent hours and hours sitting in front of it and just watching the galaxy pass us by. There are these great big shimmery stars that fly past the window so fast and it makes me feel like I can do anything. Oh! That reminds me - is there a limit to how many shooting stars you can wish on? I’m not too sure. Willump thinks that I should wish on as many as I can, but would that be okay? My mom always taught me that I should never be greedy. But then again, with most of the stars that pass me, I always wish the same thing on them. I just want to see my mom again! I like to think that she’s somewhere below, looking at the same stars that fly by me. Maybe she’s even wishing on them too! My second favourite part of the ship is Mr. Yasuo’s meditation room. He told me that he likes to keep it really peaceful in there, so me and Willump had to be on our absolute best behaviour. Well, mainly Willump. He _did_ manage to knock over a few candles which _did_ then almost set fire to the meditation mat, but our ice magic managed to save us before disaster struck! Mr. Yasuo then called me a ‘little hero’ and ruffled my hair. How cool is that, diary?! Mr. Yasuo said I was a hero! He let Willump stay in the room afterwards, but only if he sat down and didn’t move one muscle. If he moved, Mr. Yasuo said that he’d make Yeti Soup out of him! Mr. Yasuo then taught us how to meditate! I think Willump found it a bit hard because he’s not used to staying in the same place for ages and ages, but I kept him still by offering him a spoon of his favourite marshmallow fluff for every ten seconds that he didn’t move. He managed twenty seconds! I’m so proud of him, diary. In return, I taught Mr. Yasuo to play a few of my mom's songs on his flute. We did duets for what seemed like hours and hours, and by the end of it, Malphite, Sona and Jinx were even standing in the doorway! Do you think they liked it? I really hope they did. I love playing mom’s songs with other people - it makes my entire body feel like it’s being given the biggest hug ever! I feel all warm and cozy, like she’s right there in the room with us. Well diary, I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing all about my adventures in space. I’ve really enjoyed telling you them, you’re such a good listener. Everything just looks so uber cool from up here, diary. I wish you could see it. One day, when I’m older, I want to come back here and explore it all over again. I’ll treat it like it’s my first time, so I can have all of these same, warm feelings once more! Me and Willump have had so much fun getting to know and play with Mr. Yasuo and the rest of the Morningstar crew. They’ll definitely all be my heroes for life! I’ll see you again sometime! Your favourite sort-of Morningstar crew-member, Nunu
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