Never One Contest Entry: Cosmic Anomalies

{{champion:142}} {{champion:136}} --Words: 776-- A gentle yet childish humming reverberated throughout the cosmos. Her soft, flowing hair trailed behind her, accompanied by cosmic sparkles. A messenger of targon, the aspect of twilight- Zoe. Everywhere she went, disaster followed in her wake. This is what the people of Targon feared the most, myths and legends of such a messenger. Though Zoe's own mischievous demeanour had caused her to become blind to the ruin she leaves in her wake. It was a good thing she rarely visited Runeterra- or more importantly, Mount Targon. A slow stop was put to the childish humming, as her lips curled into a smile, before turning into a fully fledged grin. "I smell a dragon, a space dragon! Do you reckon he's going to Mount Targon? Oh, I wonder what he needs to do there, perhaps I should take him to get some food- Cake, Yes! Mooncake! I wonder what flavour?" The excitement slowly built in her voice. More often than not she would spend her time in the cosmos above Mount Targon, watching the days pass by without any oncoming disaster to be a messenger of. "I think it's time to pay him a visit, see what that space dragon is upto!" She jumped to her feet, throwing out her arms to open a sparkling portal, like she had ripped open the very fabric of existence. When she was prepared, she would leap through with glee! She loved using her portal. Aurelion Sol, the star forger. A celestial being with such presence and grace that many cower upon simply hearing that name. Yet another being that would reside above Mount Targon, watching over amongst the cosmos. The very cosmos above Mount Targon had been his resting place recently, though had resided within the vast emptiness of space for many thousands of millennia. There weren't many times the Star Dragon would cease watching over Mount Targon, but the arrival of celestials would be one of only a few exceptions. **"So you're coming."** Aurelion's voice boomed out, his voice echoing throughout the vast expanse of stars and space. **"Very well, come forth young messenger"** He was on the complete opposite end of the scale to Zoe. Composed, proud and level headed. This was when a loud burst of stardust appeared, a second portal popping open near the Star Dragon. "I'm heeeeeere! Aurelion, how've you been? It's been a while for sure, I hope you're doing well! We should-" Zoe was cut off with the loud, commanding voice of Aurelion's. **"You never cease to amaze me, how much energy you harness in that small celestial body of yours. Almost baffling if you ask me"** Aurelion had to adjust himself, turning to face the young messenger as she had popped up out of his view. **"What brings you this way Zoe? I presume you have business to discuss with me. After all, you wouldn't come this far out here for no reason"** Zoe's attempt to stifle a giggle failed almost immediately, it seemed like she found his sentence funnier than it was. "Weeeeell you see, doing nothing is boring, and you were nearby! Sooooo, I thought it'd be neato to see a good friend again! Food- would you like some food? Perhaps a trip across the cosmos! Or what about-" **"Zoe, please, you are not giving me a chance to answer you"** Aurelion closed his eyes and let out a sigh, one that felt like it could shake the very cosmos itself, before letting his gaze fall on Zoe. **"I do not care so much for food, or walks along the cosmos Zoe. We are beings with jobs to do. I understand you are young, but we are here for one thing only" ** "Nonsense! There's so much to see and do Sol! I'm so excited, I need to go and prepare for a day with Sol- this is going to be the best day ever! Oh, we're going to do so much! Making constellations, travelling to Runeterra for some food- definitely cake! I wonder if they do Strawberry Mooncake? Oh, i'll have to tell them to make some if they don't have any!" Aurelion simply stared at the young messenger, raising an arm. With a gentle push, he would prompt her to walk back through her portal. What a noisy yet interesting one she was. And as fast as she had arrived, she had left, her portal closing with a puff of brightly coloured stardust. Perhaps it wasn't too bad, having someone like Zoe to compliment his serious attitude now and again. **"...Naturally"** Was all Aurelion Sol uttered, a simple loud chuckle escaping his lips as the other Aspect disappeared.
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