Never One Contest Entry: Unlikely Allies

This is a short story between {{champion:92}} and {{champion:39}}. I hope you enjoy reading it! *** It was a dark night, the full moon high in the cloudless sky, a late winter breeze cascading down through the tree tops. A single wolf howl shattering the calm, sending birds flying from their perches, over a dying fire with a solitary sleeper. The woman’s short, pure white hair a stark contrast to her sword and armour. Her shoulder piece had a faded Noxian insignia. Riven awoke suddenly, her thoughts racing as to why, the cloak that she had been using as a blanket, falling to her back. She resisted the urge to sit up and look around and was glad she didn’t when armoured legs entered the edge of the clearing. As the newcomer silently entered the clearing, moving with the practiced grace of a dancer, she shut her eyes, feigning sleep, gripping her sword handle tightly. Opening them slightly so she could see what was happening, she saw them crouch down to reach for her bag by her head. She kicked out, sweeping the person’s legs out from under them. As they fell, Riven jumped into a standing position, her sword unsheathed on the way up. Before the other person could react, Riven’s sword was at her throat. “Who are you and why were you looking through my things? It’s not a polite thing to do.” “Well, actually I didn’t have the time to look through your things-“ “Just answer the question!” Riven shouted, pressing hard enough to draw blood. She was rewarded with the woman “I was just wandering through the forest and happened upon your camp. I would have left you alone, but I saw the insignia on your shoulder and I had to know whether there would be another invasion or not.” “There will be no invasion, Noxus now respects Ionia’s strength, and knows not to disturb the hive. I hope.” The last two words were muttered under her breath. “You hope? That fills me with confidence. Wait, you don’t know, but aren't you quite high up in Noxian command?” “I was, but-” **Danger**. A voice whispered, the word echoing around Riven’s head. Riven cast about, wondering where the whisper had come from. “But what?” “Shh, I thought I heard a voice. Could be nothing, but still. Stay there.” Riven walked away into the darkness without waiting for a reply. Irelia made herself comfortable on the floor, awaiting Riven’s return. Within a minute she had returned, her gauntlet gripping her sword hilt tightly. “Were you travelling with a group?” Riven quietly asked, her eyes never leaving the forest. “No. Why?” Irelia answered, confusion visible on her face. Before Riven could answer, 20 men swathed in black stepped into the clearing, wielding an assortment of weapons, blocking all escape routes. “What do we ‘ave ‘ere boys? I see two darlings who look like they can entertain us for a night or two.” The leader of the group stepped forward, leering at them. “It’s going to be you that entertains me tonight when I take your head.” Riven retorted, pointing her sword at him, to the accompaniment of laughter. “Haha, looks like someone thinks they can fight. Let’s show ‘em how wrong they are!” The group cheered, stamping their feet on the floor, some drooling as they pictured what would happen after the fight. Irelia stood, undoing a clasp on her bracers, allowing them to fall apart into 3 blades each. “You didn’t tell me you were armed.” Riven said, surprised at the ingenuity of the disguise. “If I had, would you have let me live?” Irelia shot back. “To be honest, no. Truce?” Riven said, a smile gracing her lips. Irelia grinned. “Truce.” “Now then.” Riven turned to face the leader of the group. “Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough.” Like a dam breaking, the group rushed toward them, yelling in excitement and exhilaration. The first two to get in range of Irelia were instantly put out of action, her blades moving about without her touching them. **Duck.** The voice again, a bit louder this time. Riven ducked, obeying the voice, as it had helped before. it was just as well that she did, as a club swung over her head from behind. **That was a close one. You'd better keep an eye on your surroundings more.** _What is this voice I hear?_ Riven thought as she fought off a particularly big brute with a mace, her arms just strong enough to deflect the blows. **When you broke your sword, a part of your subconscious, me, detached from your mind and transferred over, drawn out by the runes. But I only became aware when you drew Irelia’s blood, as she is blessed by Ionia. Now, pay attention to your surroundings** _You think I wasn't?_ **Well, if you were you- oof, that musta hurt, hit him back. Good girl.** _Can you shut up?_ **Where's the fun in that? Looks like that’s the last one over here.** Riven turned around to look for Irelia, to see 5 men pinning her limbs down so she couldn’t fight back. **That’s not very nice now is it?** _Would you just shut up!_ Riven clenched her sword hilt tightly, calling to the rest of the blade shards. They responded, flying out of the scabbard on the other side of the group of men, where she had left it since the beginning of the fight. The shards incapacitated two of them, making the rest let go in surprise. The shards lined up, reforming the blade into all its former glory. She lashed out, sending the pieces flying again, cutting through the rest of them. “Thanks for the help, svasa, I couldn’t have done it without you.” Irelia stood, brushing off the dirt. “Anytime, svasa” The two shared a look that spoke worlds to each other. Standing side by side they surveyed the carnage around them, grinning like idiots. **You didn't take his head.** Riven sagged. _You don't shut up do you?_ *** Word count: 994 Yikes! That's cutting it close. This could have shown more of an interaction between the two champs, but I hope that it show enough.

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