Snowdown Fan Fiction Contest: Winners Announced!

The Snowdown fiction contest is over and we’ve had some great entries as usual! _Winning Entries_ This time around we had the UK Riot office read through and pick the top stories, and without further ado, congratulations to the winners! 1st Place: [Snowdown Sorrow]( by Fusion This dark Snowdown tale by Fusion is well-written and we felt portrays the chosen champion really well. Snowdown wishes do come true…. 2nd Place: [The Winter Wonder]( by Éclair An incredible epic poem featuring a number of our favourite champions battling to save Snowdown! Great pacing and use of rhyme to make the story flow. 3rd Place: [Twitch’s First Christmas]( by CakeThiefPro This one had us laughing from the start as we see Twitch preparing for his first Christmas. Great characterisation of the Plague Rat and a really funny entry. (Fusion and Éclair, please can you add a comment with your Snowdown skin request and also let me know if you need the champion as well.) _Highly Commended_ There were also a few stories that we’ve put into a highly commended list, and these authors will each be gifted a Snowman Ward! [A Christmas Miracle]( by Nonstopre. Not every Snowdown is a happy one, but we hold out for a happy ending anyway! A nice portrayal of some champs that Snowdown sometimes forgets. [A Starry Christmas Eve]( by dawndelirus The Star Guardians celebrate Snowdown! We loved the idea of Snowdown in one of the League AUs and thought this lovely little story was full of Snowdown cheer. [Shifting]( by Lunar Sylas Even Shurima celebrates Snowdown. Another well-written entry showing a very different Snowdown and the threat it faces in the dangerous deserts. **GGWP Everyone!** As always, thank you to everyone who took part; we always read every submission on the fan fiction contests and you all keep coming up with really brilliant ideas and stories on every theme we give! Contest winners, please allow a few weeks for gifts to show in your account, but don’t hesitate to get in touch if you haven’t received them by the end of the month. Please keep an eye open for more contests coming your way this year, and may you all have a happy and healthy new year! Lots of love from UK Riot {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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