Odyssey Contest Entry: The romance novel

Sona stretched her arms and suppressed a yawn. Another episode of "The Star Guardians" has ended. It was a re-run, and the Templar had seen all of the episodes when she was young. Before she could prevent it, her mind provided the image of her old room at the Templar headquarters. A huge cushion was occupying most of the wooden floor in front of the transparent screen. A man and a woman where sitting atop of the cushion, endorsed in a conversation. "You know, you're the best at watching TV series with me. Everyone else just spoils everything.", the man said. Sona faced the other way, feigning offended. "I didn't mean it that way and you know it!", the man defended himself, his forehead muscles contracting. She looked at him, smiling. _I'm just teasing you, Yone_. She thought. _Your expression is just priceless_. Yone's muscles relaxed once again after seeing her smile. "So, one more episode?", he asked. In the end they watched the whole season, Sona remembered with melancholy. Such peaceful days, and now... She couldn't prevent the next image either. It was Yone, lying on the floor in a puddle of blood, urging her to run and not look back. A light thud snapped her back to reality. She gasped, startled, and stood up at once. _Are they back?_, she thought. _The supply run must have been fast_. Since she was new and in danger, they decided to leave her on the ship. She pricked up her ears, but heard nothing. The ship’s door stayed silent. Beads of cold sweat started running from the back of her neck. _Has he found me?_, the Templar thought. _But how?_ She clenched her fists. _No, I must remain calm, I must keep myself collected. I am ready, I will face him_. Her eardrums caught up the sound again. The thud was coming from Yasuo's room. She relaxed. _There's no way it's Kayn_, she thought. Sona made her way to Yasuo's room, taking extra caution not to knock over Malphite's ships-in-a-bottle collection on a nearby shelf. She raised her hand, ready to knock. Then, she lowered it, realizing her mistake. _I'm not that kind of person, but since he's away..._, she thought to herself and opened the door. _I just want to make sure everything is okay_, she reassured herself. The artificial light made the room look as if it is was almost sundown. It was neatly arranged, with little to no furnishing, save from a bed, a bookshelf and a small table with a red mat in front of it. On the small table, a weapon stand was resting, empty. Sona imagined Yasuo kneeling on the mat and placing Song, his katana, carefully on the stand. Her thoughts were disrupted when a seemingly small creature, resembling a lizard, darted from the bed towards the bookshelf, knocking all the books to the floor. Sona yelped and jumped a step back. Her racing heart calmed down. She approached the creature slowly. Its big eyes were fixed on her. Her newly found team had not omitted telling her about Yasuo’s companion, but it was the first time she actually saw it up close. Most of the time it hang on it’s masters shoulder and didn’t like her very much, or it just disliked strangers. On her first day on the ship she had tried to communicate with the lizard, but it just ran away from her. The Templar knew that Space Lizard was not harmful at all, but it was quick like lightning in its movements. She didn't want to startle it and spend the rest of her day chasing it around the Morning Star. She sent a telepathic message, sensing its Ora. _I'm not going to hurt you, I just want to meet you_, she projected her thoughts to it. The lizard looked at her questioningly. Sona lifted her arm and gestured for it to hop on. Space Lizard placed its paws on Sona's arm. Then, reluctantly, it stretched its tongue and licked her hand. _I'm Sona, pleased to meet you_, she projected again through the Ora. The lizard seemed content and started swirling around her hand, finally resting on her shoulder. Sona smiled and took a few steps back to evaluate the mess. Various books were lying on the floor, some of them open on random pages. Sona sighed. _Now, look what a mess you’ve made here mister! We’d better clean it up before your master arrives_, she scolded him. The pet made a soft sound, it almost sounded like a laugh. Sona sat on the floor and stared picking up the books, placing them next to her. _So these are the famous “stupid romance novels” Yasuo is reading all the time. I wonder what they are about_, she wondered and picked up the next book, this time examining the cover. _Tango for two_, she read. She opened the book to a random page and started reading. _“…As we tore up the floor, my eyes never left hers, and the heat of our close embrace scorched the curtains of the ballroom. Watching her leg snake around mine as I led her around the dance floor was enough to…”_ “We’re back!” Jinx’s voice snapped her back to reality. Sona stood up, smoothed her dress and quickly put the books back on the shelf. She rushed to the main room, trying not to blush. Suddenly, the once empty room was filled with joy and laughter. Sona smiled as she listened to them making jokes about their last trip. She could get used to it. Later that day, she was surprised when she found a book under her pillow. It was the _Tango for two_. There was a note on the cover. Sona picked up the piece of paper and read: _“I thought you’d like to finish it. It would be nice to have someone else around here who reads these too.” –Yasuo_ She smiled. She could definitely get used to it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 997 words. The tango scene is from "The Journal of Justice: Volume 01, Issue 06" (sort of). Thank you for reading, reviews feed the muse!
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