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The Curse of the Sad Mummy | Amumu Music Video - League of Legends
Every child in Valoran has heard the tale before, About the cursed mummy boy who felt his heart no more. Unravel the fable of Amumu, the Sad Mummy, here: Lyrics: Every child in Valoran has heard the tale before, About the cursed mummy boy who felt his heart no more.
BEFORE READING: I heavily suggest that you watch the aforementioned music video courtesy of Riot Games. It will help you to develop an emotional relationship with one of the characters ({{champion:32}} ). This story involves the characters of {{champion:1}} (and Tibbers) along with {{champion:32}} . ** Forbidden Friends** Shivering, and afraid, the little girl walked hastily along the untrodden dirt path. With the sun beginning to fall in the sky, Annie's grip on Tibbers began to tighten as the darkness approached. Bear in hand, she began to climb to the top of a nearby pile of boulders, and once she arrived at the top, she looked around her. The Deep Jungle seemed to go on forever; even the conjuring of a booming flare could not make any sign of human life come into sight. As Annie made her descent, she realised that she would not have the opportunity to seduce an innocent family into granting her sanctuary tonight, and would have to rely on Tibbers to do that for her instead. As these words echoed in her mind, Annie looked at her faithful companion in the eyes, well, eye. His blank look gave her a feeling of reassurance, and thus she lay down beneath a tree and enveloped herself with foliage. Before drifting off, Annie gave one last look at Tibbers, placed a gentle, yet scorching kiss on his forehead, and then closed her eyes. Suddenly Annie was awoken by the gnashing of fangs, and the snorting of mouths. The wolves surrounded her and were approaching swiftly. Almost as if she had practised this a hundred times before, Annie summoned Tibbers. With the roaring of flames and an explosion of heat, her beloved comrade ripped her pursuers to shreds. As more answered the calls of the defeated creatures, Tibbers was becoming weaker and weaker with each smouldering swipe, until eventually he was overcome. With the wolves clawing at him, Annie could no longer bear to see her friend in pain and let loose a blazing inferno unto their attackers. With the smoke clearing, Annie saw her bear beneath the bodies hundreds of wolves. When she got closer, she could see his arm ripped from his body, wool and thread leaking onto the muddy floor. As she cradled him in her arms, she whispered a subtle 'Thank You' into his battered ear. As they set off once again into the woodlands and towards the vast Shuriman desert, Annie heard a rustling in the trees beside her, followed by a solemn weep. 'Are you here to be my friend?' the voice questioned, Annie upon hearing this reactively blasted the source of the noise with flames. Looking only now at the incinerated trees and bushes, Annie saw a small figure standing in the smoke, in his hand a single bandage. Upon examining him more closely, she noticed that the figure was completely covered in bandages, charred from the fire. Tears from his solemn eyes ran down and put out the flickers that remained. Once again it spoke. 'Okay, I guess you are just like all the rest.' the forlorn figure muttered. As it turned to return to the woodlands from where Annie assumed it had come, she called out to it, 'No, wait!'. At these words of reassurance, the figure perked up from its hunched stature and looked Annie in the eyes. She now saw what it was. A pathetic, yordle boy, covered in old bandages, his hand raised with another bandage upon it. 'For your friend' he uttered, issuing a glance at Tibber's torn arm. Annie took it without hesitation and mended her companion's injuries. However, shortly after touching the mummy's weak hand, Annie felt a chill run down her spine. Memories of her father's song echoed in her mind, and soon she could remember the words correctly: _Every child in Valoran has heard the tale before About the cursed mummy boy who felt his heart no more So sad and lorn, the helpless lad, Amumu was his name He ventured out to find a friend and learn about his bane._ _For many years, young Amumu travelled through the lands Determined to make friends, if only they would understand However, even when Amumu stood upon the ledge of home His hope would disappoint him, and he would remain alone._ Upon hearing these words again, Annie asked the boy, 'Is your name...Amumu?'. Upon seeing the mummy boy nod his head, Annie turned to run, but his innocent call prevented this. 'There has to be someone that can break the curse, please, try,' he pleaded with grief. Annie knew firsthand what it felt like to be alone, and reluctantly she turned back to face him. Although deep inside she knew she should not, her mind had been turned stubborn from the months Annie had spent wandering alone, and she placed her right hand (for her left was preoccupied with holding Tibbers throughout this encounter) into Amumu's. As they began venturing towards the Shuriman desert together, Annie looked at Amumu's face, a smile that had for all these years been contained beneath walls of sadness and despair. Smiling now herself, she looked into the blazing sun ahead of them; they were no longer alone now. They had found a friend in each other, albeit, a forbidden friend. Word Count: 834 Thanks for taking the time to read my story. I am considering studying English for A-Level so any criticism would be greatly appreciated (preferably constructive!). By: EB Aeron (EUW)
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