Never One Contest Entry: The Arrival of Twilight

Decided to try this on hard mode with two random champs that AFAIK, have no canon lore around them - because why not XD {{champion:141}} and {{champion:142}} Word count: 998 Twilight is the best time to meditate. That’s what I was always told, and I still find myself following through on that. Old habits die hard. Around me the lull of the night has started to descend. The birds have gone quiet and the rustles from the grass have long ceased. Ahead of me, the sun sinks lower behind the horizon, the shadows stretching longer and longer over the grass. Breathing out, I focus on myself. On me. Ignore the corruption. Block it out. I will win. I always win. I sense the projectile coming for me just a second too late. I’m too slow to move. My hand grabbing for Rhaast, but my fingers have barely touched him before I’m hit in the face. The next thing I’m aware of is the taste of grass in my mouth and the sound of deranged laughter beside me. “I got you. I got you. Finally,” she squeals. **“And you told her it would be impossible,”** Rhaast snickers. Of course, this would amuse him. Sitting back up I look over into the wide, odd eyes of Zoe. Her grin seems to touch them both as she peers at me from where she hovers in the air. “So you did,” I tell her, gritting my teeth. I am not about to show this child how annoyed I am by her success. For a moment her wide eyes darken, a cursory glance to the weapon in my hand. She doesn’t trust it. But she doesn’t have to. Rhaast is my burden and I will beat him. “You should have seen your face,” she giggles, her smile quickly returning as she falls into a portal below her only to pop up behind me somewhere. I can hear her barefeet over the grass. How did I allow her to get so close? Subtlety is not her strong point. “So what are you doing hanging around here? Seems pretty dull. Just a forest. Nothing to see. I watched a supernova today. It was great. It went boom and there were so many colours. They swooshed everywhere,” she tells me, and also demonstrates by spinning around on her toes, her arms waving wildly in the air. “A supernova?” I reply, not entirely believing her. Zoe is an Aspect, not mortal, and her powers are, _different_, but some of her stories seem almost too farfetched to be true. Still, she is powerful. Hard to believe when you look at her. But she had once aided me in despatching some assassins sent for me. Her ability to send a creature to sleep can be quite useful. “Boom. Just like that,” she says, getting up into my face before vanishing into another of her portals. “Can I change your hair? Think how you’d look with pigtails? Maybe even three? Can people have three? Can I? Oh this sounds like fun.” “No, Zoe. You cannot mess with my hair,” I snap, pulling my braid from her grasp. “Oh, so we’re pouty Kayn today. Fine, fine. Another time,” she sighs, cartwheeling back around before me. “I could make your hair like mine. I wonder if I could get yours to change colour too?” **“Imagine that. Kayn the assassin with his pink and yellow hair,”** Rhaast laughs. I scowl at the weapon and then back to the girl. “Did you come here for any other reason than to throw a bubble into my face today Zoe? Or was that all?” “That was all. Well mostly. That was a bonus I guess. I didn’t come here specifically to do that, but that was fun…”. She could talk and talk if you let her and it rarely makes sense. “Zoe.” “No, wait there was a reason. Oh, I remember. That country you hate so much - I can’t remember the name – but that one, you know the one. Anyway, they sent out some very soldier looking people. I watched them. They’re heading this way. Like not right here. But this direction. This general area,” she gestures towards the forest behind me and the nearby mountains. So Noxus are sending out troops here are they? This place holds no strategic value. “You’re sure?” “Duh, would I have said it if I wasn’t?” She bounds back into the air and springs before me again. “I saw them. I watched them for a bit. But they were boring. Almost as boring as you sitting there doing that thing you do, but with you I could hit you in the face. With them, eh, they didn’t seem like much fun.” **“She finds you fun. What an honour that must be for you.”** Rhaast finds Zoe’s interest in me amusing. Still, she has her uses. “I hardly see why I had to be hit in the face. You could have created a portal under them all and sent them into your supernova,” I remind her. I think sometimes she actually forgets how powerful she can be. “But if I did that, I wouldn’t have got to hit you in the face when I came to tell you. Plus I know how much you like fighting people – with that thing,” she pauses in her skittering through the air to look back at the weapon. I hear Rhaast laughing at her worry. **“Is that concern for you? The Aspect of Twilight has concern for you Kayn. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything so utterly ridiculous.”** “Don’t worry about me. I’m stronger than you realise,” I smirk at her. I watch her eyes meet mine and slowly her grin returns. “I guess. And you really don’t like to lose. And you can’t lose. Not to a letter opener. I mean, c’mon, that’d just be dumb,” she laughs before glancing around at the lengthening shadows. “Toodles.” She waves at me before vanishing. On the horizon the sun has now fully set, and darkness is beginning to arrive. **“You should let me slice her up.”** “No. Not her. Besides, we have other prey.”

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