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Dear Riot, The following are my demands. They must be implemented by the next patch, or else. 1. Minions should have blood spill animations, and leave a permanent stain on the ground. Throughout the game, Summoner's Rift has to become more and more bloody. 2. Pieces of their corpses must lay scattered with detailed visuals on their limbs, eyeballs, chunks of flesh and skin. 3. When a champion dies, he/she/it has to scream and shout from pain as if their feet are being dipped into lava. Death must be scary. 4. Yasuo must have the option to kill himself Harakiri style before the enemy can. 5. Baron must be able to swallow champions whole, upon which the summoner's screen must go black (since they are in Baron's stomach). 6. If any female champion moves beyond 700 movement speed, their clothes must fly off. Especially Sona's, and Pool Party Caitlyn's. 7. A new summoner spell has to be added called "Fly" that allows champions to fly over the wall with a 4 minute cooldown. 8. A new champion must be created that does absolutely nothing and has no spells. His name will be Bob. 9. And the final demand is, after you implement all of the above, delete them and never speak of them again. Yours sincerely, The Shadow Hunter
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