Free Xayah giveaway contest

**[CONTEST CLOSED]** Hello guys and gals, So, ive currently got 102 k unspent IP, and since Riot was kind enough to give us the option to gift Xayah using IP, ive decided to hold a contest to give away 5 free Xayahs. All you have to do is post something cool into this thread. Anything goes, from short stories, to jokes to memes to poems to art, as long as you made it yourself. Amaze me and get a free Xayah as soon as she gets released. Ill pick the 5 lucky winners tonight at 20:00. GL and HF EDIT: Someone just pointed out in the comments that apparently one needs to have had ppl on their friends list for at least 24 hours to be able to gift to them. If it is in fact so, that would be rather unfortunate, but i suppose there's nothing i can do about it. The winners might have to wait until tomorrow evening to receive their rewards then :/ My Apologies. EDIT 2: Seeing as to how GLurch was right and u really need to have been friends with someone for at least 24 hours to be able to gift them, ill be moving up the schedule: WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED AT 20:00, I WILL ADD THE WINNERS TO MY FRIEND LIST BEFORE 21:00. REWARDS ARE GOING OUT TOMORROW BETWEEN 21:00 AND 24:00. (If i happen to forget, which is quite possible since my brain has all the capacity of that of a fruit fly, just pm me and ill get back to you asap.) OK, TIMES UP. HERE ARE THE WINNERS (in no particular order) Oh and one more thing. Because of all the effort (some of) you put in, ill be doubling the amount of xayahs to 10. Whee! Winners: Stahlvormund, for a pretty damn slick addition to league's lore. BlueStr. You like ponys? Well, so do I. SystemOfNyx, for a very nice gnar drawing (that i can for some reason no longer look at 0_o') 667TheRealOne, for an assortment of jokes that really shouldnt have made me laugh as much as it did. Thats Haram Bro, for some very nice photography. Fruitschaal, so Bobo can afford another weekly ticket. Herdeiro, for a cute story about how he found his very own Xayah. RobinDino14, for his adorable cat. I Am not Roel, to make that amumu smile again. And the last one goes to FurorDivinus27, for doing (a bit too) exactly what i asked for. Those are the winners, ill be adding all of them shortly. As mentioned above, you will have to wait for a 24 hours before i can gift you the champs, but i hope you dont mind too much :) THANK YOU ALL FOR PARTICIPATING AND HAVE A WONDERFUL EVENING!!! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} (Sent friend requests to all the winners (or i should have at least) accept them asap to get ur xayah quicker.) PS: If someone could tell me how to edit the title to say that the contest is closed that would be awesome :) ) PPS: The feeling when your post surpasses 1k views {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}} THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE, I really hope you enjoyed this as much as i did :) See you on the rift.
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