So which hextech person are you?

Ok, so since the hextech came out and some time went by, it's pretty clear how it works. You can esily get the boxes, but keys are gonna be tricky part, most likely we're gonna have lots of chests and not enough keys. So which of these do you think you are? **Poor person** who has no money and will rely eniterly on hextech to get theyr free cosmetics **Patient person** who's going to gather up a bunch of chests then sometime this year buy a bunch of keys and open them all up.(im probably this one) **Rich persond** who's going to buy a bunch of chests and boxes and then open them all up or probably even already did that. If i forgot some write them down, but i think these are the mains ones. Im kinda skipping the one who will open a chest evry time he gets a key, but that's probably all of us and well then there's this possible weirdo who will manage to gather lots of keys and chests without trying to open them, but he's a unicorn.
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