Free Skin Contest nr 29

Hello Euw/Eune Boards community The Free Skin Contest series has been having some struggles lately, but we're finaly able to continue. After this small break we're kicking off with a simple oldschool giveaway, where players aren't required to have certain skills or knowledge. #29th contest hidden criteria was: Unique Explanation **The following are the winners of the 29th Free Skin Contest series:** **Fauvel - Euw EUW Boards Smurf - euw TeeTohr - euw Moja Kravica - eune Sylvant - eune** **In order to respect every participant, i will not explain why these people were better than others.** Winners will be contacted. The Next contest will be coming soon, 2017 ain't far ;) **~~Contest Task:~~** * ~~Write 3 champions that are most enjoyable for you to play on This preseason.~~ * ~~Explain why you've chosen those 3 champions.~~ * ~~Tell us your primary and secondary role when you queue up.~~ **~~Contest Rules:~~** * ~~Everything in the~~ **~~Contest Task~~** ~~has to be followed.~~ * ~~All entries are equal as long as Contest Rules have been followed.~~ * ~~Winners will be selected by the contest jury.~~ ~~NOTE: The criteria used to evaluate entries will be revealed alongside the winners.~~ **~~Rewards:~~** * ~~This contest will have 5 winners.~~ * ~~Each winner will receive a Mystery Chest.~~ * ~~Mystery Chests contains a random skin equivalent to 975RP or more. ~~ **~~Contest Ends: 23.12.2016; 23:59 pm GMT +2~~** --- **Contest series base rules:** 1. All Riot rules must be followed 2. Any negative behavior in the threads comments is not tolerated. If any found, that player gets banned from the contest. If such behavior is seen in multiple contest threads, then the player will be banned from the contest series. 3. I'm not rating any comments made, as every entry is equal to me till the contest ends. 4. Each contest will have their own extra rules, that must be followed for a successful entry. OH, IF U LIKE THE CONTEST AND THE SERIES, PLEASE UPVOTE!
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