Giraffe Champion

Hello there, I consider myself an expert on analysing the balanced state of the game (not sure why Riot hasn't hired me yet) and I believe this concept for a new champion will prove to be a successful addition to the current roster of Champions. I have not yet thought of a name for him yet, but for now, we will call him Greg. Greg, the Long-Necked Fury of the Desert, is a vastaya hailing from the deserts of Shurima, where he can often be spotted running away from Rengo and the killash. Gameplay-wise, he will have a very high skill-ceiling, somewhat similar to Zoe's. I believe his kit has very good synergy and opens doors for lots of possibilities. It is as follows: Passive - Gaze of the High One Greg has increased range of vision. He can also see over nearby terrain and bushes. Q - 420GRAZEIT Active - Greg eats a bush, restoring both his HP and Mana. He will also briefly become immune to CC. UNSTOPPABLE BTW. Innate - Greg, thanks to his camouflaged body, becomes obscured and stealthed upon entering bushes. His next basic attack becomes empowered and will knock up enemy targets. W - The Tree of Life Greg plants a blunt of weed in place of a bush that has been eating. This blunt will grow into a Weed Tree. Allies near the Weed Tree will gain bonus Armour and Magic Resist. (Can only have two Weed Trees active at a time. They also take a minute to grow before they grant the bonus. If the blunt is displaced during the first 10 seconds, the tree will not grow. If it is rooted, the process is sped up, based on how long the root lasted.) E - The Eyes of Greg Toggle - Greg is able to move his head independently of his body upon first activation of this ability. The head will be controlled with Alt + Click as if it were a pet. This head can travel anywhere within a range of 4000 units from his body and will grant vision, however, his body will be nearsighted, and will only be able to see himself if allied units are nearby. Spells cast will still be cast from the body, not the head. Upon the head taking damage, or reactivation of the ability, Greg's head will return swiftly to his body. R - Gallop of the Long Boi Active - Greg screams, "yuh YEET," before leaping in a direction, knocking back enemies hit and briefly stunning them if they hit terrain. If the Greg's leap passes through one of his active Weed Trees, he is granted Frenzy. Frenzy - Greg has had sum good a$$ shite. He will be granted 100% Crit Chance for the next 10 seconds. Oh, and he becomes UNSTOPPABLE again. I believe this Champion, Greg, could have a lot of success in the support role, as well as in the top lane and jungle. He will also be a highly contested pick in the pro scene, as many of you could probably tell. Let's get Riot to give the community what it actually wants. A giraffe. VIVALAGREG
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