[Creative Contest] Prepare your spatulas!

Good day Summoners!

UUUUUH YEAH! Not just our splashy Pool Party event arrived, also a new contest for you!

What is essential for any epic League of Legends BBQ-Pool Party? Exactly! A delicious BBQ with crazy outfits!
(I can totally confirm that as a Teemo Steak and Bristle Spare Ribs Expert! Yum!)

So! Prepare your shiniest golden spatulas, put on your finest aprons, because it’s gonna get hot and messy!
(depending on your cooking skills. *wink*)

Are you ready and excited? You better be!

Let me tell you more about the contest right awa-….

“Pssst..got any bright ideas?”
Yea, Graves I’m pretty sure, our Summoners are already preparing some pretty cool dishes and outfits!

“Could we play a game pleeease?”
No time to play right now, Zoe. Maybe you can do the groceries? And don’t worry Lux is not invited to the Party! (she actually is)

"I have the tools for the job."
*points at water-gun* Yeah, Caitlyn, I am pretty sure that’s not how to cook. I mean you do use water for cooking, but don’t spray our BBQ, pls Cait. “Right.”

Ooook Mundo, do your thing.

"I've got pain to serve."
I know you can dish out the pain, but how about an actual meal, Draven?

"My flesh will never burn."
Well Gangplank, that is very reasonable. I can recommend not burning the food either.

"That squirrel looks familiar."
Ok cool Lulu, just don’t put it on the grill, please. “Yup, that tasted purple." LULU, NO, WHY DID U DO THAT? There is fur all of the grill now!

Ok guys, now it’s up to you to save our party!
(Before Lulu grills anything else…. Waaait, what’s that smell?)
OH NO, she did it again! Quickly Summoners, the squirrel population is dwindling, we must save them (and of course the BBQ)!

You wanna help us stop Lulu’s squirrel eating rampage? That’s is how you do it!

Category one: C-c-c-c-cooking time!

Which dish can’t be missing at a Pool-BBQ-Party? Surprise us!
Grilling, cooking or baking is completely up to you! (We love food, so don’t worry. - No squirrels though.)

Category two: Time to shine! (Mhmm Brezeln)

How does the perfect Grilling/Cooking/Baking-Chef-outfit look like? Show us!
(No Squirrel suits. Hey, this not joke, okay? WE NEED TO PROTECT THOSE SQUIRRELS. BRAUM PUT YOUR SHIELD UP! Nevermind, get outta here, you don’t have a Pool Party Skin!)

RULES (..are made to be broken, but not those!)::

1. NO SQUIRRELS (or squirrel related content)
2. Your submission has to be League of Legends related
(If there is a squirrel based submission you are automatically disqualified. Now, you might be laughing. DON’T TEMPT US!)

3. SBe sure your Summoner Name is visible on your submission photos (f.ex. On a piece of paper)
4. You can just participate only in one category
5. Everyone can participate, just Rioters, Player Supporter and squirrels will be excluded from the winning selection
6. All submission must be submitted in English!


For participants of category one: C-c-c-c-cooking time!

1.Take one or several pictures of the end result and at least two during your work.
2.Send an E-Mail to safethesquirrels@gmail.com as described here:

Subject: CATEGORY 1: [Your Summoner Name and Region]
Please use this format like in the following example:[EN] CATEGORY 1 - Cactusgrill (EUW)
:Message: [Title and describe your dish. Tell us a little bit about the cooking/baking/grilling process.]

For participants of category two: Time to shine!

Take a picture of the end result and at least two of the Making-Of.
Send an E-Mail to safethesquirrels@gmail.com as described here:

Subject: CATEGORY 2: [Your Summoner Name and Region]
Please use this format like in the following example: [EN] CATEGORY 2 - Cactusgrill (EUW)
Message: [Title your submission and describe why you have chosen that outfit and a little bit of how you crafted it or what the story is behind it.]

From August 5, 2018 to August 25, 2018 at 22:59 CEST


For each category:

1st place: : URF Chef Set + 1x Pool Party Skin
2nd place: : 1x Pool Party Skin + Pool Party Ward Skin
3rd place: 1x Pool Party Skin


As some submission may contain Summoners’ faces, therefore we will keep the voting exclusive to Riot Player Support. Thank you for your understanding! (We want to keep your pretty faces safe with us.)


TheFuriousBacon (German Player Support Specialist) - Because of furiously assisting me with dark humour (like...really dark.)
Moorehawk (German Senior Emissary) - Our HTML God did it again. ‘Nuff said.

We are already very excited about all of your lovely submissions! Quite literally starving to see them. HAHA..HA..haha..ha I haven’t eaten in days..

But hey, ain’t no party like a Riot Pool Party! (No squirrels allowed)

Happy crafting and see you soon!

(No squirrels were harmed today...except the one Lulu ate.)