Monthly Skin Giveway Round 2! [June]

**_THIS GIVEAWAY IS OVER! IF YOU WANNA JOIN THE NEW ONE OR YOU WANNA KNOW WHO WON, CLICK [HERE](** Original post: [here]( I'll make it short here, if you wanna know why I'm doing this giveaway you can read the original forum post ;) _____________________________________________________________________ **How can I join?** It's very simple! Just write a creative comment below, why you want your skin! You don't have to write a whole story, it could also be very short, but it should be convincing. Here's a funny example: ""Everytime I play Taric I feel like there is something missing...Like that tiny bit of fabulousness what makes the enemy tremble before my awesome shiny gems. That's why I really REALLY want to have that awesome Armor of the fifth Age Taric skin! I think that would really improve my experience with this awesome and truly, truly outrageous Champ!"" Well, I'm from EUW, so there is no way atm to gift to people from EUNE (Sorry guys :c But...maybe someone from EUNE wants to join my giveaway and make the list of prices per month bigger? :P) **What can I win?** Every month I will chose two people, one will get a skin for the maximum amount of 975 RP, the other one gets a mystery gift. Additionally there will be another winner of a specific skin (max. 975 RP) who will be chosen by **GPet**. He joined me last month to make even more people happy! :P There will be some additional prices in additional giveaways sometimes, I will add the links below if I make some this month! **Additional giveaways:** -Planned but still in progress [Card Skins] **Donations** If you want to help make this giveaway even bigger, so we could make even more people happy, you can donate to me (via Paypal)~ If there is enough money, I will add more prices~ [Donaterino link~]( _______________________________________ Winners of May: **criserit** with his beloved Galactic Azir skin! Your view to the world fascinated me. And I fully support it! Let's spread it around the world so more people help to change it! > [{quoted}](name=chriserit,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=wZEmj44E,comment-id=0042,timestamp=2015-05-24T09:02:27.564+0000) > > #only if you are so mad to think to be able to change the world, you will really change it. And the mystery gift goes to.... **Lemil**! Well, this was something personal... Before I was old enough to get myself an own paypal account I didn't really have the possibility to buy what I wanted over the internet. I could buy RP with paysafe cards but my parents didn't like that... That sentence "Report XY no skin" was a sentence I heard too often among my friends >.> Aaaaaaand.... *Surprise~* there is another winner of a mystery gift: **Glacial Storm**! I just couldn't decide who gets the mystery gift, so I thought "why not give two mystery gifts for the first round of my giveaway?" you go ;)
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