Noob Stuff we Did ( Admit it we all did at least one of theses )

This topic is about telling your stories about all the noob/ silly / stupid stuff you remember you did back when you started playing around a campfire made by our Loyal Brand right here {{champion:63}} for exemple : "Buying Runaan on Garen" {{champion:86}} {{item:3085}} Yes i i've genuinely seen this now i don't think you can even buy it on melee but it used to be possible but was pretty much useless. ( passive not procing ) i'll Start : - Wasted all 3 of my Refunds Token for silly / unecessary Stuff because i didn't weight how worthy they were and tought i could regain theses back like once in a month/year for exemple i wasted one on Garen the champ which i refunded to save 450 Ip when i realized i could get the champ for Free with his skin , wasted another one on Dryad Soraka to buy her again on sale ( saved only 260 Rp from this and that's only because i was too stupid to wait for sales at the time i bought Dryad Soraka ) can't remember what i did with the last but i bet it was for something silly aswell like a ip champ refund wich is rather dumb Also Gameplay wise i was starting without pots with Garen back in the days because i tought "he don't need theses he has his passive" and had no clue how the game worked and how valuable theses were in the early game , also stuff like getting pots post 11 , warding unecessarry places or building supossedly Stupid stuff used to build Atma's Impaler a lot or Hydra {{item:3074}} a few times on Garen {{champion:86}} Just because they looked Cool. Turns out one of them was a completely dumb idea especially back when you couldn't even use Hydra's Active {{item:3074}} while Spinning to Win The other one however was actually really cool , even tho i've been called out many times on it at the time ( huehuehue why crit and no tank , useless item report Garen hue ) turns out Atmog was the shit back in the days ( started in S4 ) and they had just no clue wtf they were talking about actually ... lol i kinda miss Viable options for Crit on Garen {{champion:86}} now that even Youmuu {{item:3142}} isn't packed with it {{item:3070}}{{item:3070}} , here we go this thread just made me Nostalgic ... Alright your turn peeps !
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