is this a joke? the new mode?

yes damn riot doing it, this mode is just tilt! there is no way to win, and the price? is it worth to spend hours and hours for no way to win? even doom mode was more fun than this, you are destroying your game! __And now featuring: a frustratingly annoying mode that we want you to play a lot because we spend way too much resources on it instead of focusing on useful comment. Your reward: a crappy ward skins and hours worth of undiluted cancer. I mean, this mode just isn't fun. It's not "challenging in a fun way", it's basically just a poorly designed horde mode that makes you frantically run around a map trying to stay alive in an epilepsy-inducing bullethell that forces you to do thing this game was never designed to. Also, there's not even any incentive to actually do the quests. It's like "how about you sink hours into this gamemode trying to cheese wins with premades you don't have or just some random people you can't even coordinate with and as a thank you you get a free Warwick or something, idk lol" Star Guardian skins sell anyways, you didn't need to waste time and ressources on creating another game mode that people play for 2 days and then realize they have better things to do in getting Gold V, which actually gives you a reasonable reward.__ this is from a guy who posted a while ago, and can't argue with it, 100% true.!
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