SO WE GONNA GRIND IT OUT AND WE ARE STARTING WITH THE 10 - Shaco - why shaco just bcs he is annoying and got the AP SHACO song 9 - AMUMU- i dont care about him but he wanned me to do it or he will never leave me on peace 8 - Ahri - i dont know jappanese (nor english) 7 - Yasuo - just bcs he got double crit and no healt you shoud stop feed 6 - Tryndamere - you guess right 5 seconds more life only if potato pc got this moments 5 - Master Yi - well i wanna just get into the number 1 spot faster(i put random things that i hate)wuju 4 - Nasus - the snoop dog you get it dirty jokes bcs i suck lets countune 3 - Vayne - she is the cuttest feeder ive ever got 2 - Teemo - he is a meme but not good one just a popular 1 - Mordekaiser - dont look for morde memes they are just too much i mean go in the mordemains discord they just dont shut up over 200 bugs and anyways why cares about the Randomly possible to actuly were a FULL METAL ARMOR BY A GHOST BODY ALREADY DIED A THOUSAND TIMES BUT STILL IN THE GAME JUST FINNALY DIE ohh anyways why the fk he got a giant drake its overpowered 40% of the times..hue just giving some of the morde memes over here ------
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