Contest for either Rakan or Xayah; show me some love!

**Contest concluded, grats OP Champions with Xayah! Thanks for participating guys! ** Hey summoners! As you might all have noticed **Rakan** and **Xayah** have been released and also offer a special option to be **gifted via IP** so you can play together with your very own loved ones on the bottom lane. Because some might not have enough ip to engage in a trade I wanted to help you guys out by giving away either Rakan or Xayah to one of you lovers out there still lacking one of the two. Although I don't expect a skin or reward in return I do expect something else... _"Want to see some sweet moves?"_ Contest rules: 1. Make a **reply** and** let your partner reply to it** along with the reason **why he/she deserves the skin**, how romantic! 2. **The skin** will be for the one that made the **original reply**, not the follow-up below! 3. Mention in the original reply **which champion** of the two you still lack and **who your buddy/lover** is! This is also the perfect moment to say something nice to your other half! Synergy is everything on the botlane! 4. You have until **tomorrow (saturday) midnight (berlin time)** to post! 5. **I'll pick** whichever one I find the most romantic, funny, original, rewarding and will gift said person** on sunday morning**! 6. **Enjoy! ** _"My fellow travellers, you are all about to witness my majestic epicness! ... unless I get killed, but... probably not!"_ Unfortunately I only have enough ip to gift one person but if I can make one couple happy I consider my job done!
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