Wth is wrong with these people in my games xD

Seriously, lost 3 games because of this.. Went 7/3 in placements and placed in b4 from silver 3. And here goes my qq. No matter what, they will ALWAYS, but ALWAYS say 'all mid' at 10/15/20 minutes and stay there until the end of the game. The problem is. Enemy teams are always having 2-3 champs with a hard cc, while we're having only 1 champ with a cc (its me with a knockup).. I'm always refusing it and they are all whining 'report yasuo' etc. How can i win bronze games ? I cannot splitpush because even if they're 4v5 they will always engage and their team will just come for me.. We were in a HUGE lead, but they had too much cc and thats how they won.. I always end up with a good cs, positive score, but i simply cannot group mid unless i have amumu or something in my team. BTW: One game i had Annie and Ahri that were auto attacking each other to death on lvl 1 xD

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