League of Legends shower thoughts

**Task: As clearly and vividly as possible, imagine the following sentences in your head.** 1. Imagine Teemo with no fur. 2. Imagine a male Ahri. 3. Imagine a skinny Braum. 4. Imagine Ashe using a machine gun. 5. Imagine a Halloween themed SR with pumpkins and webs along the lanes and jungles. 6. Imagine what Nami's meat tastes like, human or fish? 7. Imagine if Vladimir was based on Milk, not Blood. 8. Imagine if Jinx was your math's teacher 9. Imagine a world without Yasuo --- **Task: You are in a Zombie apocolypse, choose one of each to survive as long as possible!** 1. A champion to be by your side 2. A weapon for you (Ashe's bow, Yasuo's sword, Teemo's dart) 3. Any one ability with the same cooldown as it is in the game for you to use --- **Some jokes!** What's Zyra's favorite drink? Root Beer What's Vayne's favorite website? Tumblr. 100 People followed Singed on Twitter. They all died. Why is Yasuo the best roomate? Because he always Has-A-Key! Morgana Q lasts so long you get an AFK warning Blitzcrank says "Let's invade!" and runs into enemy base with his W. Want more jokes? I got a Zilean of them.

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