Volunteer Snowdown - Wrap up & Winners!


We're back from the New Year's break,let's wrap up our Volunteer Snowdown!
Seeing the great participation and the amount of awesome entries was amazing,
we hope you enjoyed this Event just as much as we did,
it was a great way to complete 2017.

You'll find all the winners of our contests below, maybe your name is in there too!

Real life crafting

We chose the 4 entries that we all liked best, each of those 4 winners will receive 2000RP!
In addition to those, three winners have been randomly drawn, they will receive 500RP for their efforts.

Congratulations to:

emyan - Ambitious Elf Jinx clay figure - 2000RP

Arashi no Ikari - Regifted Amumu - 2000RP

Shoruwolf - Christmas Xayah Cosplay - 2000RP

scholarlypotato - Jinx's Christmas Gift - 2000RP

frappe moi papa - Beads Poro - 500RP

AnNie222222 - Poro Cookies - 500RP

Nakoruru - Dream Poro Catcher - 500RP

Christmas Poem Contest!

We should be used to this by now, but you guys still surprised us here!
Your participation in this contest exceeded our expectations by a lot, it was difficult to pick the three best poems out of almost 70 entries. The winners of this contest have put a great amount of skill and effort into their poems, they turned out great!

Congratulations: Glazebone! - 1000RP


Congratulations: The Rainbow Dash! - 1000RP


Congratulations: Psychologicalˆ! - 1000RP


Count the Poros!

We know finding all Poros in the image was pretty tough!
The image contained 55 actual Poros! Additionally, there were 4 Poro-ish objects included (like the Poro Snowman), if you count those in, 59 would be the correct answer.
To make it fair for everyone, we considered every answer from 55 to 59 correct, and picked five random winners. You will receive a little treat for getting it right :)

  • Useless Cait - 10win XP boost
  • Shah Arnauzer - 10win XP boost
  • zinamaster2 - 10win XP boost
  • SubparKïng - 10win XP boost
  • arcane boss - 10win XP boost

We hope you all enjoyed the Volunteer Snowdown Event as much as we did!
It was a great end to 2017!

We're very happy with the improvements we made last year, overall, we've spent dozens of hours creating these events, and gave away over 130.000 RP!

We're having a blast, and we're excited to step things up again this year!
(your feedback is always apprecaited)
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