Make aram finally playable

Currently aram is simple a worthless game type... Saying this after like 3,5k game :D 10 minutes games where one side completely obliterates the other one where u cant even leave your own turret ( or sometimes u die even behind it :DDDD ). "Random" is a furthest word from it. Last few years i kept writing it as a feedback but since absolutely nothing changed i will write it again, and again and again, until they got pissed off me and will implement it just to shut me up :) GIVE US BAN choices on aram too! Let me ban at least one of those idiotic champs before the matchup, shouldnt be that hard. There are that 7-10 champ who just simply makes aram a waste of time, where i already know in the lobby that this game is lost ( from experience ), i want to at least got the chance to ban one of those bullshit aram champs, so maybe, just maybe we will get somewhat balanced comps. And as a side-note, pls check your "random" algorithm since it is totally bullshit. Either create some restriction so both team will be a "mix" of ranged and melee champs or just rename it from random. Not a Sona, Yi, Ziggs, Ashe, Jhin, where until u got warmogs ( post 15 ) its undoable. And most of the time the game wont be 15+ min.
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