Which champions fits your personality?

I used this website btw if someone wants to try it:https://www.zoo.com/.../which-league-legends-champion-are-you I dont think it has all the champs, but it would be fun to find which one it fits you from their list :D Since they have a description about that champion you get as a result! --------------------------- Mine is Nocturne: > **> You are Nocturne. You are that one kid that freaks everyone out. You always tend to behave weirdly and say stuff that makes everyone around you uncomfortable. You read a lot of scary fiction books and you love living in the shadows. You thrive best at night. We bet you are that one emo kid that listens to BvB or Blood on the Dance Floor as well.** {{champion:56}} For me, is almost everything right, how about you? Which champ do you get and which description do you get as him/her? {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
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