Can you make puns about every single champion?

Now after playing the game for 1 year i have noticed that their is lots of opportunities to make puns about different champions like Aurelion Troll Fizz Kha'liss'ta , My mind is draven to innovation[draven instead of driven get it? KEK] Dashsuo,Shaco Maco Taco,Rango The Mango lover ummm uhh Rake'sai[as {{champion:91}} rake?] {{champion:121}} ? more like Netflix umm i have more uhh but before i continue please know that annie-body can join so feel free to pun so back to our topic ummm singed? more like flinged cause he flinged you [you guys are gonna hate me] so yeah umm i had more puns but i forgotilus AND OH last one what do you call a nautilus that got really high? Potilus Now feel free to join us and i didnt want to say more cause i dont wanna take all the puns from you guys soooo go ahead and make me proud {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} oh and btw if anybody on EUNE wants to join our club feel free to ask me
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