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What is this contest about?

Have you ever seen a great fanart or a story about a fictional champion that made you imagine what this character would be like ingame?
Or are you dreaming about designing a champion yourself one day?
Well, this contest is all about that!

We want the community to work together indirectly to build seperate aspects of a concept champion. Many skills are required to create a champion, so we're sure that you can help with submitting great ideas!

How does it work?
This contest will have 3 stages.

Week 1: Artwork

To start off we're asking you to think about a visual champion concept.
Drop your drawing, sketch, or description of a funny, exciting or badass champion in the comments! The community will decide on the best concepts, which they will then give a story, a kit and everything else!
All details are below...

Week 2: Gameplay

Once the community has voted on the coolest visual concept, it's their turn to get inspired by the artwork and think about which abilities would fit this champion could have ingame.
Details will be given once we reach this stage

Week 3: Story

At this stage the champion has a name, and a full set of abilities!
To give them more personality, the lore cannot be missing!
In this stage you will tell our champion's story and further explore their personality.
Tell us about their childhood, the gigantic battles they've fought in and lost, or anything that gets us to know them...
Details will be given once we reach this stage

Got it! How do we begin?

Starting with this thread, it's time to dust off your drawing tools and explore the visual design of the champion you want to create! Do you think League needs a new and unique shapeshifting monster, or a flying magician completely covered in feathers?!!

Well, bring your ideas to paper (or screen)!
Even if you're not the best artist out there, you can easily make up for it by having a really exciting character in mind, because next week, the community will vote on the coolest concept that we want to explore further!

So grab a pen anyways, start sketching and share your idea in the comments of this thread!
Submit your entry by Sunday 29th of October.

Please note that this first stage is only about the visuals, please don't submit any suggestions regarding abilities, gameplay or lore for now!

Even if you don't submit an artwork yourself, have a look at the submissions,
and give others tips, criticism or compliments to help them improve their submission!
This contest will take some time, and we've never done something alike, so please do not hesitate to ask about anything that's not clear.

The rules can be found in the first comment of this thread.
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