Solve the riddle, win a mystery skin!

Good afternoon EUW! I&#039;m feeling a bit generous so am doing a singular Mystery Skin giveaway. One riddle stands in your way: *** NOTE EUW ONLY GUYS!! *** The riddle is: I have beautiful wings, can be found with multiple colours, but I am always burdened by the Devil&#039;s whereabouts which denotes my identity. What am I? One answer could win you the prize :) No hints as of yet. Good luck! Hints: It's from a video game but NOT LoL. It is a butterfly character with one name :) OUR WINNER: Senpai Kate The answer was 'Vivillon' from Pokemon, wings, different forms and the ID number of 666 in the 'dex. THANK YOU ALL FOR COMMENTING :) <3333
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