I am sad

I was a Main Riven last season, ended Gold 5 duoing with a friend lala. But this season I dropped Riven because I am Garbage with Riven, and decided to go back to being a Katarina main. I was away for about 2 months, I played Normals since then and when I came back to ranked I couldn't leave Silver 1 and Right now I am in a losestreak, it's been like almost 10 days since I've won a ranked, I literally cannot win a Single Ranked game. What am I doing wrong? I was a 67% winrate Katarina Now it's gone down to 53% with a 0% winrate in ranked right now. What am I doing wrong??? I tried playing music while playing, duoing, my last ranked game there was even an afk in the enemy team, and we still lost that game. I don't know what to do anymore I feel like quitting ranked.
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