My recent ranked experience...

BOMBAY-TV / 6kembe4orba / Subtitle movie
I played Ranked Flex till now... It's so good, you have to try it! They won't beat you much there, unlike SoloQ.... Subtitle movie ! BombayTV by
I know, old stuff but I made this for my duo... xD - ranked lose streak (sort of) - ✓ - playing an old champ and trying to overcome/outplay every single new change (and champ) in whatever the meta is after a 6 months break - ✓ - unwillingness to try new things like: champs, modes (cunningly deceptive sh it like DQ, now masquerading in the form of R. Flex) - ✓ Conclusion: Riot better not to remake Trynd in some unknown champ... ;)
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