The United: Victory Together!

Trials Update: Week One | League of Legends
Remember: Only missions that show your house icon count towards your house's progress. Missions from the Trials Pass won't count towards the competition, and points awarded increase each week so every house has the chance for a comeback.
Good job to all House United members! #United We Stand, Divided They Fall! We know the truth, and the truth is that it's a team game. You can't contribute much to the winning if you are alone regardless of your skills (the Warband), map/objective control (the Council) and new moves (the Faceless). The most common reason to surrender is 4v5 situation. Even in these situations we keep fighting when most players feel to give up. _ Never surrender - this is our creed. Will of Unbroken, no feel of greed. Join the United, go colour green! United we stand and united we win!_ ##Join our House, spread the word and we will prevail! ***
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