Let's play a game {{champion:35}} . We all have a day in Viktors laboratory, where we have the opportunity to fuse together any champions abilities of our choice. So, the question is, who's abilities do you fuse together? _**Rules:**_ * You can only assign someones existing skill to that skill slot (e.g. Ahri's Q can only be replaced with any other champions Q) - sorry, no all ultimates * Explain why you'd like to see the abomination you've created * Assign a position for them, so we know what not to queue for -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'll go first. Passive: Jinx's get excited Q: Zoe's paddle star W: Le Blancs distortion E: Zilean's timewarp R: Veigar's primordial burst Here we have a super mobile midlaner, all based on getting that one paddle star that she can do with extreme range (distortion + movement speed), and if she knocks you low with one... be ready to be blown up with a ball of primordial power! Even worse, if she gets a kill in a team fight... She'll start zooming around the map even faster...! Why? Because I love champions that are all about positioning, zooming around and outplaying by dodging with speed and agility Anything with 3+ upvotes I'll feature in the OP --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- _**Top Picks:**_ _You cannot escape me_ - By Guillorc Passiv of Rengar Q of Lee Sin W of Leblanc E of Fizz R of Camile _Usain Bolt_ - by Player3Th0mas Passive: Vayne Q: Rammus W: Warwick E: Zilean R: Sivir _Useful abomination is useful _- by Gooseberry Passive: Annie, enjoy charging the stun with your W, no offensive spells to proc it Q: Azir, can't send soldiers anywhere if you don't have them W: Zilean, better get the cooldown on your super spells E: Xayah, can't return feathers if you don't have any R: Yasuo, if you have no knock-up champs in your team then it's unusuable If knock-up then Karma, enjoy empowering your useful spells
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