Hashinshin about sexualization yet we have Varus...

Observations of sexualization in League of Legends.
Just things I notice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ke1YKF3tNCE You right now.
A champion pulled an arrow out of some gay guy and shoves it right into his boyfriend's chest to make his new body.... Then climbs off some pool with his heart out open, like he was having an open heart surgery and decided to leave and escape not realizing that the surgery is only 40-50% complete or to consider getting some stitches first. No he just uses a glass cover. I hope it's bullet proof, or better yet Zed Qs proof. ANYWAY, he comes off with his new body, but only one thing....WITH NO PANTS!!! Not "No underpants" it's NO PANTS! Hashinshin rants about how female champions are sexualized yet there is a male champ with literally no clothes. I bet that's worse than all this combined, yet we don't even care. Why should we? Varus is a cool Dark kin. Now 3 question: 1- Am I the only one who thinks Varus' legs are like the greyscale from Game of Thrones and is imagining our boy Sam treating him like how he treated Sir Jorah? 2- Am I the only one who wants to see that?!? 3- Do I need help for even wanting to see this? 4- Or do I need help because it's 4:30 am and I just now came up with this TLDR joke...
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