I only play this game cause that's all i can play . i used to love it but now when ever i play i get so pissed, akali with her q and w sylas with hes heals and auto attack rests. the goal of a game in general is to have fun not to play then get pisssed off cause you can't do anything while akali w and q you to death or you have to rush an entire item or get ignite just to kill sylas don't get me on yasuo 2 items 100% crit then kills everyone on hes own . i simply want URF all the time at least you know that everyone has no cooldown you can have fun spamming skills even if you lost the game at least you had ur fun. the game dev don't care what their players want, Dominion was a game mode same as SR but a big circle that you need to cap points or kills to win it wasn't fun same as SR but it was on everyday from 26-Sep-2011 to 22-Feb-2016 nearly 5 years but when practically you're entire player base tells you that they want PERMA URF YOU SAY NO. one day there will be a game better than league i my not be able to play it cause of my trash potato pc but i will be very happy when it kills league but i hope you guys at the dev team know this that game didn't kill league you guys killed it when you didn't lisent when people gave you feed back i won't speak about ranked cause people will start screamin sliver this and that so please i want urf we want urf give me us urf i want to have fun not play a game to get pissed
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