❄️❄️ [Volu] Definitely don't gift a gift - gifting list! ❄️❄️

Welcome back!

We’d like to start out by thanking everyone who nominated someone. Your kind words towards each other has really touched us, and we wish we could make all wishes come true. Santa Braum will be visiting as many players as possible thanks to your nominations. If your nomination was selected, perhaps Santa Braum will visit your account as well to grant you a (mystery) skin for your kind words. Keep an eye out for that!

Even if your nomination didn’t make Santa Braums list this time, remember that you show the true meaning of friendship, and display what a gaming community can be at its very best.

UPDATE: All gifts should be handed out now. If you're missing something, let us know, and we'll check it out for you.

Here is the full gifting list of all the participants whose friends will be visited by Santa Braum:

Sometimes words elude us, and we can’t find the right words. Still, this nomination says all we need to hear. Since there was no gift specified, Santa Braum will leave that up to chance. Something has been sent to Viajodora Lys.

Cheering up those around you who’s been going through some rough times is quite noble. Santa Braum is sure he can find a fitting Nami skin to wrap in for Kitty Girl.

Cecilia Roses
A good friend can help you through the roughest of times. Santa Braum is happy to hear Grimester has been that person for you. A skin from the provided list will be sent out.

What more do you need in life than love and cats? Santa Braum is glad to see those aspects of your life come together, and hopefully you’ll find an apartment. True Damage Senna will help JMXXXG complete his collection.

10 20 13 1 19
Long lasting friendships are important. And if your friendship started in kindergarten, that may already be the case, (or not, Santa Braum is unsure of the age here). Nevertheless, Santa Braum enjoyed reading of your gameplay escapades. True Damage Yasuo is on the way to Fackarbg.

I main Tahm
Smiles are important, and Santa Braum is happy to hear that you have a friend who makes you smile. And a personal project involving your main? I wonder who that could be. Bruiser will be ready for the summer with his new Pool Party Gangplank skin.

Long distance friendships can be hard to keep up with. Santa Braum knows. Luckily, you two have found something in common to do together. With Star Guardian Neeko, we’re sure Mudziki will reach for the stars. The cost of a bad pun has not been deducted from the gift value.

Starting a new adventure is always more fun when you have someone with you from the beginning. Your brother sounds like a great person. Your investigation bears fruit, and Santa Braum will send Polnareff True Damage Ekko.

Doom emissary
When working hard, it’s nice to be able to wind down and relax to keep you fresh. Having a friend around makes hard work seem easier. With his new Dragon Trainer Tristana skin, Santa Braum hopes Mknight finds his last mastery 7 token, as well as that heal button.

Someone who sticks with you through thick and thin sounds like a good boyfriend indeed. Santa Braum notices, and hopes Hakzar will find good use with his new High Noon Lucian skin.

A fiancé to be? How can MissKaiXay refuse once she sees her new True Damage Senna? Santa Braum wishes you two all the best for the future.

WeezMe sounds like a true friend, as do you for nominating her. Santa Braum will try to not get stuck in a sandstorm in the Exiled Lands, and deliver Praetorian Fiddlesticks.

A nomination for your brother. What more reason do you need? Santa Braum notices you two share some fun times together, and will make sure MirirLightHammer finds himself with Odyssey Kayn.

Every new adventure is less frightening when a good person is there to guide you. Zhww sounds like a perfect guide, and Santa Braum will make sure that he’ll be able to upgrade his Nasus soon.

Meeting through a game of league, and sticking with each other for years to come. That’s what gaming should be like. Thanks to your kind nomination, Santa Braum will visit Cha0splayer MBM soon and hand out a Darius skin.

It sounds like you and Shainas has gone through a lot together. A true friend is someone who does not abandon you when things are tough. Soon, Shainas will be able to support you with his new Project: Pyke skin, once Santa Braum gets around.

You’ve found someone that you have a lot in common with, and it sounds like you two have lots of fun together. She’ll find that Santa Braum has ensured that Meowrick is on the way.

Sometimes you don’t need to say much about a person to give a good explanation as to what they’re like. Smack my Barrel sounds like a great person to play with, and Santa Braum is rushing to him with Dreadnova Gangplank. Smack that barrel.

Jungle Paw sounds like a true friend, sticking with you when times are hard. It’s nice to be able to offer a gesture in return, and hopefully he’ll enjoy his new Dragon Sorceress Zyra skin. Santa Braum incoming.

A short nomination, but what more do you need to say? Loxbie sounds like someone you want to encounter in-game, and now Santa Braum will make sure people will see him on Dragon Master Swain.

A good friend does not just stick by your side, but they also bring out the best in yourself. CurlyBastard sounds like they bring out the best in you, and Santa Braum feels that’s worthy of a High Noon Lucian skin.

6 years is a long time, and I’m sure you and Disney Prince have been through a lot together. Your nomination has reached Santa Braum, and he’ll make sure they can flash their ADC skills as Project: Vayne soon enough.

Catta and Ankokukishi
You two nominated each other, indicating a strong friendship bond forming after 4 months. Reading your nominations, Santa Braum sees the essence of gaming and the true spirit of friendship. Catta, enjoy dashing around as Star Guardian Rakan, and Ankokukishi, make sure you swing your axe at anyone trying to take them down as God King Darius.

If any of you already happen to already own all of the requests, then Santa Braum will give you a different (mystery) skin instead - so don't worry if you already got them all!

And with that, we hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. Thank you for participating in the Gift of Giving event, and we hope to see you around for future events.

Note that it can take a few weeks before rewards are distributed, please be patient! This thread will be updated once rewards have been sent out.
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